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  1. 3/29 GDT: Predators 4 at Red Wings 3

    i said it in january and im saying it now, our goaltending is gonna be fine. ozzie will be pulled in game 2, and conks will dominate all the way to his first stanley cup. Believe in the conk. conk blocks all playoffs baby!
  2. Hossa to Sign Soon?

    i feel ultimately all of this crazy who stays who goes bizz is all too soon to tell. just think about last year, and think about how much has changed. this time last year no one knew if osgood or hasek was going to be the man come playoff time, and osgoods play last post season is a huge reason for his signing. also, i don't believe a soul had a clue this time last year that franzen would put up the monster numbers he did. Then you got stuarts great play for us and all the other stand outs and it really made a difference when it came down to the off season. What if franzen gets healthy and dominates again this playoffs??? what if hossa chokes randomly???? what if filp redeems him self with some playoff heroism, or anyone else like huds or sammy??? A big factor i haven't heard anyone mention is a goaltending for next year. What if conklin dominates in the playoffs and oz never returns to form?? do you let conks go still??? you never know. IMO, i feel we all need to just be grateful we can watch these guys for the rest of the year, see how this ridiculous roller coaster plays out and work from there. GO WINGS!
  3. Chris Osgood- What do we do?

    it is simple, as others have said, just. play. CONKLIN. You gotta rotate them still at this point, but the games should be picked a little more wisely. osgood has not had one game this season that earned him a game as big as this one was, and in my opinion conklin has done more than enough to deserve to play. Now i do have faith in babcock, and i would not be surprised if this game was a test to see ozzie in a playoff level game this season. The sad thing is he failed. I do not like osgood, but still we can't burn him at the stake, he is struggling and conklin should take a few consecutive games at the very least to not only give him his props, but to let oz get some work in on his game and get his head straight. This is not osgood of last season, i agree with harolds point about how he has seemed to be overplaying the puck as of late. i feel it is a desperation sign of ozzie losing confidence and him trying to find what will get him back on track. Thats fine and dandy but he can do that in practice and let conklin tend the crease for a while.
  4. 1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    i would like to make this post a apology to osgood and all his supporters who defended him a couple nights ago, i have been proved completely wrong by osgood tonite and i can not believe how much non of this game was his fault. the red wings should of scored at LEAST 7 goals anyway, every other night he plays too. all 6 goals were flukes, mistakes, and the defense fault. and conklin is just really lucky
  5. 1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    conklin is no where near the starter ozzie is and this season has proven nothing in conks favor. current playing abillity means nothing and all that matters is past performances. if you think oz has done anything less than amazing your nothing but trolls or don't know hockey. go wings!
  6. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    P.S.S. oh and i lied about the whole robbery thing. it just made the whole thing a lot more funny from my perspective for the sake of the arguement. but again, my bad.
  7. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    P.S. sorry for the thread take over with this nonsense to everyone, again i got pissed at a comment by outsider about another poster about his life so i decided to get in to it with him and it go out of hand and foolish. my bad.
  8. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    I can't keep going all night so this is my last post. although i still feel osgood has some slop to his game that is unecessary, he was not the biggest problem in this game because 50 shots is unacceptable. and as for our whole arguement outsider, this has been hillarious and i hope this made you laugh as much as it made me. i was messing with you for 96% of the arguement, and i hope you knew and didn't take anything personally. haha GO WINGS MR18 OUT
  9. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    although i am not the oldest one here, i at least of grew out of being a liar with false quotes. also i am the one who was brought up with the idea that crimes are a little more important than a game you watch on tv. so Im content with my age. and this all started because i noticed you personally attacking a poster before me that disagreed with you so i thought i would give you a taste of the same.
  10. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    show me a one clock that stops crime and you have a point. untill then, no relation.
  11. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    maybe a link will be around later, but in the post game they showed a view of the puck where it was completely across the goalline. and not only that but here you are again attacking things that are irrelevant. oh and the blah blah stuff??? that was never in any of my posts, which shows you forged that quote putting words in my mouth. how can anyone on this site trust your quotes with dishonesty like that. everyone knows you have a total lack of respect to robbery/rape victims but now your a liar too?? Its just a shame. and to get back to osgood, he would not of been on his back in the first place on that last goal if he would of approached the save in a non flop manner. thats my point.
  12. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    Like most games this season, i have to say datsyuk. he was solid in his own zone more than anyone, he produced offensively, and showed probably the most energy. he is just so amazingly solid with the puck game in and game out, i really don't know how he does it.
  13. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    besides my boredom being solved by pissing outsider off, this is a game i do not blame soley on osgood at all. the wings were horrible on defense, but i feel at moments in this game and many others osgood just tends approach making saves in ways that make him look horrible. but take the pro rapist side, real sweet dude.
  14. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    personal attacks on my spelling or lifetime acheivements has nothing to do with any of this, but fine i will play this game. how do you assume i haven't done anything better than osgoods game tonite?? 2 years ago i saved a girl from getting robbed and maybe even raped. But nothing i have done is significant to you compared to osgood to you so i guess you support rape. your a sick, sick, little person and may god have mercy on your soul... you monster.
  15. 1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    if i was as computer savvy as the majority of you, i would put together a highlight reel of his ebelished saves and post it. But explain to me how his glove save for example needed the super man dive after words. and there has been so many in the past i am inspired to learn how to make one of those you tube things to show you. and as for the arguement about the difference between hasek and osgood, why is that the focus of the counterargument when you all know the difference in ridiculous playing styles has nothing to do with the arguement. Oh i guess hasek does different flops so that makes lotty difference to anything. my point is osgoods flops are currently causing goals and rebounds when making more conservative saves would be wiser in my opinion.