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  1. WHOOHOOOO Do you know the way to San Joseeeeeeee?

  2. Love the profile picture!!!

  3. Hi! RWNW misses you!!!!!! :)

  4. LOL ... I think it is worth a try. One thing I love about Wings Fans is the cleverness of the chants. I was a little disappointed to hear the Joe fans resort to such a mediocre chant.
  5. If it is the one I am thinking of, yes, it is in an area that is not accessible to the general public. It's a small place for the Wings Alumni and their family and guests. Really nice inside. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try the food... was only there as part of a tour.
  6. R G D T !!! If you don't know what that means, search the archives. Ladies, we all have to do our part. Yeah, I'm superstitious!!!!
  7. I wish I could make it to game 2! I'm afraid game 5 is the best I can do. I'll be in Indianapolis that weekend and could do a quick trip for that one. Hope another Wings fan can snag the seats for game 2!!!
  8. Thanks for the encouraging news!!!
  9. Comments about "empty seats" aside, what are the chances of getting a single ticket to Game 5 at the Joe? I'm in So Cal so obviously I need to do a little planning to get there... do ya think there are any legitimate tix available?
  10. Gosh, you would give up cleaning the house, worrying about the menu, and just the general hassel of hosting a party just to go to a couple of games in Detroit? LOL! Have a GREAT TIME!!! Can't wait to see the pics! Anyone else in So Cal interested in meeting up at a bar or something? I'm thinking of Oggi's in Mission Viejo (close to the 5, Alicia exit) but am certainly open to other options. (I know, I know... Oggi's is a sponsor of the Ducks now... but that is partly because a certain Red Wing fan introduced them to the idea of hockey watch parties many years back...)
  11. OK, this is too good to miss. I'm ditching some of the work stuff to come for at least the first period or two. I'll let you know about the appetizer in a bit... still thinking. I'm also open to suggestions, but it has to be something simple!
  12. See y'all at JT's before the game. For some reason the Wings never, ever win if I am in the building, so I am going to watch this from my couch. But will stop and say hi a the pregame gathering. Let me know if you need me to snag a table or keep some bar stools warm!
  13. Can I come to the pregame meeting and festivities at JT Schmidts even if I can't make it to the game? If so, count me in!
  14. May the force be with each and every one of you with the guts to toss the squid. I love it! The ushers at the Anaheim Pond/Honda Center were always on the lookout, but as far as I know they never knew how to detect them. Probably the same in Columbus! Good luck.. I will be watching!
  15. Great game! Great party! Glad to meet so many members of the So Cal contingent! Go Wings!