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  1. jbrwing21

  2. Fridays Game on Directv?

    FYI: I called and complained to directv about not having VS and they gave me a $50 instant credit for the issue. Still doesn't make up for not having the channel $50 goes towards the center ice package.
  3. Holland Admits the Obvious

    I second that!
  4. Ticket deal for Game 5 from Olympia Entertainment

    Thanks for posting this! I placed my order today and in 1/2 hour they called me back. Looks like a road trip for KY to Detroit for Game 5!!! Go Wings!!
  5. From the 97 Cup run

    Who knows!!
  6. From the 97 Cup run

    My wife found this on the net and sent to me so I thought I would share. 97 Cup run song
  7. Hello from Dallas

    Welcome aboard! Should be a great series!
  8. Can/Should the Wings Sweep Colorado?

    Watch your mouth!!!
  9. Respect for the Red Wings and their fans

  10. JLA Fans Are Pathetic

    Guranteed income. Nashville had a writeup last year in their local news paper stating that they need more corporate seats to sell.
  11. WQF Game 4 GDT: Predators 3, Red Wings 2

    Why is versus blacked out for me???? It is a national channel!!!
  12. WQF Game 3 (4/14) GDT: Predators 5, Red Wings 3

    Couldn't agree with you more! This thing is not over yet and tonight is a big game. We have yet to see what Nashville can throw at us. With that said, I believe the Wings realize what is at stake so I am calling for: Wings 4 Preds 3 final in 2nd overtime
  13. Trotz says that Z's goal shouldn't have counted

    When the puck goes out of play and hits the retaining net the officials should stop the play and they didn't and it cost us a goal. Now that is something to gripe about!
  14. Playoff TV schedule

    Versus TV schedule