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  1. song title game

    keep your candles trimmed and burning-hot tuna
  2. Palmeiro suspended for Steroid Use

    it's long, but it's necesary. unless someone prefers to continue delusions about steroids and battign average, this is worth the read (well, i damn well better hope what i wrote is worth reading). bonds was a great player. had he never touched the juice, he was a first ballot hall of famer. if he retired prior to the 2001 season, which is when he likely startign juicing, he'd still be in the hall because he was real close to both 500 steals and 500 homers. but the last 4 years change everything. he cheated. there's no question about it. he admitted to taking steroids. end of discussion. so, he claims he took them accidentally. that doesn't change the fact that he took them (and anyone believing bonds, the man who trusts no one and is incredible cautious with nutrition type things, accidentally took anything is a fool). his continued cheating undoes what he had previously done. it makes it null. if spieldberg's in line for a lifetime achievement award, and then suddenly releases four movies that he stole-pure plagiarism-he's not gonna get that award anymore. continued fraudelence tarnishes and cancels out prior excellence. and don't tell me that steroids don't improve batting average. that plain doesn't make sense. first, with steroids, a player can swing the bat faster because he's stronger. the 37 ounce bat feels 30 ounces-a lot more bat speed. more and better contact results. when someone's using roids, the ball goes farther and faster. faster means it finds the gaps a hell of a lot quicker. a ball that the ss would have been able to get to is already in center field. that's a hti when it shoudl have been an out. that raises the batting average. soft line drives that would be caught easily be an infielder or, if hit further, an of, suddenly become hard liners that blaze past the infielders and hit those outfield gaps long before anyone can reach them. outs become hits. ba goes up. long, high fly balls that would be easily caught by the outfielder now become home runs. again, would-be outs are registered as hits. the batting average rises. with increased bat speed, the player has the luxury of sitting on offspeed pitches. this lets him read it better and make better coontact. additionally, this, along withbeing abel to handle any fastball at one's luxury, leads to fewer strikeouts. fewer strikeouts meaning fewer outs, replaced in many cases by hits. battign average rises. for 13 of his first 15 seasons (i disclude high totals in his rookie year and low totals in the shorteed season), bonds struck out an average of 83.6 times a year. since 2001, that number mysteriously dropped to 59.8. unless you want to believe that bonds suddenly learned plate discipline, this shows that steroids prevent k's (the 2001 season has high total because he was swinging for the record. even with that included, the numbers are still grossly lower). steroids have a large affect on batting average. notice how rarely bonds gets out on soft hits or blooper. notice how his outs tend to be hard grounders hit at fielders or high flies. these would be outs regardless, so steroids doesn't hurt his battign average at all. but by turning many would-be outs into hits, bonds's average is aided by the juice. more evidence: in 15 seasons prior to 2001, bonds hit over .310 only three times, with his best being .336. from 2001 onward, bonds's worst average was .328. he hit .370 once, and over .360 on another occasion. batting average is nto affected by steroids? yea... just to add to everything you stated about steroids....something huge in sports is confidence...by taking them, a player would be stronger, more powerful and confident in his/her physical abilities which inturn help the mental side of their sport as far as being positive and knowing they can accomplish their job.
  3. O's fire Lee Mazzilli

    i saw this earlier on tv...something must have happened internally...who really expected them to finish any better then 3rd in the division...also with a lot of injuries to the pitching staff...mazzilli must have pissed someone off pretty high up on the ladder for him to get fired in his first season like this...just seems that way to me
  4. Palmeiro suspended for Steroid Use

    how stupid can one possibly be...damn it, its that jessica simpson disease spreading again...i dont understand for one how any pro athlete or person in general puts things into their body without knowing what would be in it...the players are being randomly tested and not checking out things they are taking...its not rocket science is it?...i just dont get it
  5. Manny Ramirez

    doesnt look like manny is coming to my mets....3yrs $64 mil. left on his contract also....the owner of the mets even approved of the deal with the added cash they would be taking on in salary....adding him into the lineup would have been huge, lugo and baez from TB would have been added as well...3 hours left, its still possible with manny staying in Boston probably...why would he DH?...Ortiz is the DH, they have Millar and Olerud to play 1st base, just curious to what would happen with Ortiz then?