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  1. #6 Chicago Blackhawks vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

    It's funny (or not) that you reference the $2500 fine. During the day today Toews was interviewed and complained that there was no rhyme or reason to punishments. Specifically pointing that a clear intent to injure (Weber on Zetterberg) only got a very minor fine and no time. He said players often cross the line because nobody knows where the line is.
  2. Four or five posts in this thread stating the Wings should have the heat on/off, paint the dressing room , ... (whatever). While I am not going to be critical of anyones age or lack of "experience" here I do want to ask ... You do know that it is game 4 of this series coming up right? GAME FOUR. The antics you describe are not something only done by Detroit and are not something Scotty Bowman devised himself. These things have been happeneing for decades but here is the skinny. ... You don't do it before game 4 when you know there will be a game 5 at the other teams rink. Hopefully you do not need for me to explain why.
  3. I don't see the benefit to pissing off an opponent that is already younger and stronger than you.
  4. Shea Weber fined for Zetterberg "headslam"

    Bitz gets 2 games for CHECKING from behind. Zetterberg gets his head slammed for checking from behind. Weber gets 2 minutes and a fine for a quick severe response.
  5. WCQF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Predators 3

    And if a hockey message board wanted to have any credibility it would discipline any poster(s) calling for players to purposely injure other players.
  6. WCQF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Predators 3

    Todd Bertuzzi says hi!
  7. Chicago fans last night

    I have to amend my statement about coming here and being able to discuss hockey with hockey fans in the past. After looking at this thread I notice that except for haroldsnepts and hockeytown0001 you are all either newbees or old trolls. Makes me kind of sad, yeah, there was some ribbing both ways but it is fun to discuss hockey between different fan bases. It's pretty obvious those here now don't want that. it's more fun I guess to just be right all the time and never hear an opposing opinion. Have a good day Moderator/Admin feel free to delete the account or better yet remember my name and if the grown ups come back let me know.
  8. Chicago fans last night

    Actually we came to the red wings message board to discuss a hockey related issue that both teams fans are aware of. I have actually been a member here for a while and lurker for long before that. Do the same on other boards as well. I don't come in and talk trash and am usually (even here) treated like a fellow hockey fan. ... This is actually a very rare happening where another teams fans come to a board and don't sling a bunch of negative crap but simply try to discuss a topic and the local board members seem unable to hold a discussion. And all the while you claim it is Hawk fans who lack knowledge or are immature. Take the blinders off and read this thread and tell me which teams fan base is not capable of hockey discussion.
  9. Chicago fans last night

    This is ******* hilarious. You folks are claiming what Wings fans did to Federov was ok but what Hawk fans did to Chelios was wrong? Bygones my ass. See the photo earlier in the thread. That is a once in a lifetime moment caught in time. Chelios chose to disrespect the franchise and it's fans. At that point it's over. A decade from now when you celebrate your centenial would it be cool if all the living great donned the Winged wheel and Yzerman demanded to wear a Lightning sweater for the photo? C'mon do not kid yourselves. As for who boo'd it was by and large the old time fans who chose to boo as they feel the hatred. All the band wagoners pretty much clapped politely. As as for 90% of Hawk fans being bandwagon fans I used to go to Detroit from Chicago with my father and uncle because there were no tix available in Chicago yet the olympia was empty. So when Detroit sucked their place was empty and when Chicago sucked there place was empty. And now for a history lesson. For the record Chelios leaving can be blamed on both he and Chicago's (DEAD) owner. With a year left on his deal Chelios demanded to have an extension done. Chicago balked. GM Murray (another moron from the Wirtz era) said he hoped after the final year of the deal that he could resign Cheli for a fair amount ... (LESS) hoping to be able to reduce his role by then. Chelios balked and said if he was not resigned he wanted to be traded. Soon after that he is noted on Chicago sports radio as saying he hoped it could be worked out but if not he was open to a trade to any team EXCEPT the Red Wings, that he could never play for them. So Murray works out a trade and Chelios and Agent are told so they could meet the new GM and see if the extension can be done. Chelios refuses to meet the team and instead wants his agent to run point ... soliciting offers from teams who would be willing to sign Chelios for the amount he wanted. A short time later Chelios's agent gives Murray the offer from the only team that agrees to pay him what he wanted. The rest is history. Honestly I can live with that whole scenario (money makes the world go round) I cannot blame him for getting all he can. However as someone who has lived and (mostly) died with the Hawks since the mid 60's that picture shown here earlier) cannot be forgotten. That is a permanent scar and the ultimate display of disrespect to Chicago the team and it's fans. it is why Chicagoans still cheer guys like Larmer, Wilson and even Belfour (who also forced a trade) none of them acted in a manner equal to Chelios. have a good day.
  10. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Is everyone here under 40 years old? You do realize that was your team at one point. One other thing back when the Wings sucked I used to go to games up there because it was easy to get seats just like many Wing fans have done recently in Chicago. You pretend like Wings always have filled the arena ... When your team sucked your arena was near empty and you got high draft picks to build a team. Sound familiar?
  11. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    ??? I don't post a lot but I have been coming here longer than you have. Do you really want fans of other teams banned so you can all just be right all the time and stoke each other off? I guess maybe you might but there are others here capable of talking hockey without being total homers.
  12. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    I dunno, I'm a Hawk fan and unless they tighten up a lot they will not have a long playoff. They (as a team) have played poorly the last 2 weeks or so. They still get points and wins on transition but in the playoffs things get a lot closer and tougher. I want nothing more than a Cup for the Hawks but unless something changes a lot it won't happen this year. Though they are still missing 2 key players and haven't iced a full team for a game all year, ... not once. Like I said before though, great game. Would have been nice if NBC actually decided to show all the goals. And i understand that Canada is hockey but to emulate them by bringing in PWG and Milbury is awful. If NBC got to pick a game to show this would have been it and IMO they blew it with piss poor coverage.
  13. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    You are aware Eaves lost the fight right? The funny thing was PWG (Penis with Glasses) trying to make Versteeg out to be a fighter.
  14. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    Hawk fan trying to get in before the haters ruin it. All pretty equal injury wise great game and rather than team hockey it came down to a trick shot event to decide the winner. Great game, this should be fun in April or May. All the best guys.
  15. 12/23 GDT: Blackhawks 3 at Red Wings 0

    You keep calling out the Hawk fan for using that (or We) yet don't seem to notice the numerous Wing fans who do the same, why is that?