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  1. Err0rB0Y4o4


  2. Err0rB0Y4o4

    4/16 GDTs

    The Wings walked over the Jax. It was nice watching The F--ks take a win at the Shark Tank.. But the Anahiem is the last team I want to draw. Hopefully they rip eachother apart over 7.
  3. Err0rB0Y4o4

    MIA : Secondary Scoring

    This looks like a season we might have to hold out on, and hope Hudler and crew keep developing as scorers. Any talk about Brad Richards this way?
  4. Err0rB0Y4o4

    Steve Yzerman photo It's a great picture, but does anyone know what Yzerman's doing, and why?
  5. Err0rB0Y4o4

    Holland: Prices for Bertuzzi, Schneider & Markov high

    I think Schenider is more imporant. I really want to see him and Big Burt on the team next season.
  6. Err0rB0Y4o4

    Sammy or Bert on top line

    Best lines: Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Bertuzzi Hudler - Lang - Cleary/Calder Franzen - Filppula - Samuelsson Maltby - Draper - Calder/Cleary 3rd and 4th lines would get equal ice time with Draper/Maltby line doing most the PK. Cleary or Calder, whoever is playing better that night I'd give the ice-time too. I'd give it Cleary for the start because he's earned it. I love our third line because you cannot underestimate them. Frazen and Filppula have been great!
  7. Err0rB0Y4o4

    GAME 3 (4/30): Red Wings @ Sharks- 10:00 PM ET

    Hells yeah! Calder is gonna be the tenacious bastard he is on that puck, and Sammy is scoring high-glove side!
  8. Err0rB0Y4o4


    I thought it was brilliant timing by Kenny! Datsyuk was having a career year, then given a great contract, he really wanted/needed to prove he was worth it all and it lit the fire under him.
  9. Err0rB0Y4o4

    Mathieu Schneider

    For 2 years? Great deal, but I think the Wings should have spent that somewhere else. I love Scheider, great defensemen, great for the wings, just the money could have been used to by up a needed forward.
  10. Err0rB0Y4o4

    Osgood or Thibault?

    Thibault 2003-04 - 14-5-7-2 - 2.85 .913 2002-03 - 62-26-28-7 - 2.37 .915 2001-02 - 67-33-23-9 - 2.48 .902 Career - 2.69 .905 ---- Osgood 2003-04 - 67-31-5-8 - 2.24 .910 2002-03 - 46-21-17-6 - 2.95 .892 2001-02 - 66-32-25-6 - 2.5 .910 Career - 2.44 .907 Stop the "what has Thibault done?" posts. Look at the Sav% and GAA. Not a big difference when Thibault is playing for Chicago and Osgood is in St.Louis. I'd perfer Thibault(not by more more) but it depends on the price, I dont see Chicago handing him over.
  11. Err0rB0Y4o4

    If we had to trade Dats and Zett

    I say trade for a Goaltender. I'm not looking forward to Legace starting, as much as I like him. Justa thought I had, Boston is so cheap, if Detroit cant resign Zetterberg/Datsyuk... I'm doubting Boston has something much better to offer them.
  12. Err0rB0Y4o4

    PROPOSAL: Wings should trade for Cole

    To Detroit: Erik Cole Martin Gerber To Carolina: Manny Legace 2nd Round Pick ----------- To Detroit: Eric Cole 4th Pick To Carolina: Ray Whitney Mathieu Dandenault ----------- Any other possible/more possible/prefered trades for Cole?