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  1. The Wings walked over the Jax. It was nice watching The F--ks take a win at the Shark Tank.. But the Anahiem is the last team I want to draw. Hopefully they rip eachother apart over 7.
  2. This looks like a season we might have to hold out on, and hope Hudler and crew keep developing as scorers. Any talk about Brad Richards this way?
  3. It's a great picture, but does anyone know what Yzerman's doing, and why?
  4. I think Schenider is more imporant. I really want to see him and Big Burt on the team next season.
  5. Best lines: Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Bertuzzi Hudler - Lang - Cleary/Calder Franzen - Filppula - Samuelsson Maltby - Draper - Calder/Cleary 3rd and 4th lines would get equal ice time with Draper/Maltby line doing most the PK. Cleary or Calder, whoever is playing better that night I'd give the ice-time too. I'd give it Cleary for the start because he's earned it. I love our third line because you cannot underestimate them. Frazen and Filppula have been great!
  6. Hells yeah! Calder is gonna be the tenacious bastard he is on that puck, and Sammy is scoring high-glove side!
  7. I thought it was brilliant timing by Kenny! Datsyuk was having a career year, then given a great contract, he really wanted/needed to prove he was worth it all and it lit the fire under him.
  8. For 2 years? Great deal, but I think the Wings should have spent that somewhere else. I love Scheider, great defensemen, great for the wings, just the money could have been used to by up a needed forward.
  9. Thibault 2003-04 - 14-5-7-2 - 2.85 .913 2002-03 - 62-26-28-7 - 2.37 .915 2001-02 - 67-33-23-9 - 2.48 .902 Career - 2.69 .905 ---- Osgood 2003-04 - 67-31-5-8 - 2.24 .910 2002-03 - 46-21-17-6 - 2.95 .892 2001-02 - 66-32-25-6 - 2.5 .910 Career - 2.44 .907 Stop the "what has Thibault done?" posts. Look at the Sav% and GAA. Not a big difference when Thibault is playing for Chicago and Osgood is in St.Louis. I'd perfer Thibault(not by more more) but it depends on the price, I dont see Chicago handing him over.
  10. I say trade for a Goaltender. I'm not looking forward to Legace starting, as much as I like him. Justa thought I had, Boston is so cheap, if Detroit cant resign Zetterberg/Datsyuk... I'm doubting Boston has something much better to offer them.
  11. To Detroit: Erik Cole Martin Gerber To Carolina: Manny Legace 2nd Round Pick ----------- To Detroit: Eric Cole 4th Pick To Carolina: Ray Whitney Mathieu Dandenault ----------- Any other possible/more possible/prefered trades for Cole?