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  1. Bliz

    Report: Patrick Roy offered Avs' Head Coaching Position

    The Avs: No goaltending, no defense, one scoring line. How is a rookie coach what that team needs?
  2. Bliz

    Blackhawks On Brink of Advancing

    Did anyone catch if Luongo took part in the postgame handshake? I caught a glimpse of him leaving the bench for the lockerroom but didn't see him on the ice.
  3. Bliz

    Best Shoot Out Goal. Ever.

    Nice move. I liked that he didn't go berzerk with his celebration too.
  4. What, Ovechkin hams it up for a quick buck but shouldn't have to be the butt of a mild joke? Beaudreau should lighten up. Ovie's bad english aside, he's probably had meaner things shouted at him at your average road game in Philly. Was that our old pal Kozlov at the very end?
  5. Bliz

    Bruins re-sign Tim Thomas

    Yeah, and Burke said "Who's Bozak?" on HNiC last week. Good for Thomas. He deserved it.
  6. Bliz

    3/15 GDT: Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 0

    Missed this game...Woulda been great to watch Ozzie chalk up a shutout. According to the game log I saw Meech played only a couple of minutes. Was that by design or did another injury strike?
  7. Bliz

    2009 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    A top three defenseman with a $3 mil cap hit gets the Pens Chris Kunitz? They must be expecting some fireworks between him and Crosby.
  8. Bliz

    Penguins fire Michel Therrien

    I'll chalk up his firing as punishment from the hockey gods for all the whining he did during the finals.
  9. Bliz

    2/7 GDT: Oilers 3 at Red Wings 8

    Nice goal! Judging from the comments, I take it that Edmonton have been taking cheap shots? This could be the kind of game you'd want Downey keeping order in if it gets ugly.
  10. Bliz

    1/31 GDT: Capitals 4, Red Wings 2

    When am I going to learn that January/February games are s*** sandwiches? They always go mental this time of year.
  11. Bliz

    1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    Back to the drawing board for the D pairings.
  12. Bliz

    1/12 GDT: Dallas Stars 5, Red Wings 4 (OT)

    Of course the right point was completely empty....
  13. Bliz

    Osgood is pissed off

    Dunno what to think of that interview. Ozzie's even-keeled from what I've seen and he sounded genuinely pissed, so that's a little cause for concern for him to come off that irritable. It's to his credit that he hasn't lost his game Tommy Salo-style with all the high profile mistakes he's made over the years. Maybe the media got to him. For sure, he's getting it from Babcock and now Conklin is starting again tonight. Babcock avoids starting goalies twice in a row. Three in a row for Conklin looks like serious cage-rattling is going on.
  14. I thought Mike Grier was a no-brainer when he hit FA a couple years ago. Detroit native and he fit a need for a big, mobile checker.
  15. Bliz


    Should be a great deal for everyone. Chelly gets his timing back and the Griffins get to rub elbows with a HOFer for a weekend.