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  1. Well at least it didn't happen in the playoffs
  2. Larkin getting a bit annoyed
  3. I want to win and beat them down. Sucks about Mantha I get right off work and rush home (being in FL) and I get to see the game and miss the good stuff and get all the bad!
  4. We won, but their goalie is down. Jeez, they were saying head/neck, I thought it was knee. Far scarier. Stretcher out. Hope he is okay!
  5. I jump through all these hoops to watch the last few minutes and then they frickin score
  6. Well at least we have one functioning line!
  7. Any hope next year we will be able to either poke check, or body check on D? Tired of the awkward lunging and whiffs.
  8. PK period..... TATAR with the rebound! I wonder if I can finish with more posts than Sheahan's shots this year.
  9. Was watching at bar, just got home. Feels good. If things go sour, the beer is cheaper here.
  10. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TY Zetterberg! Someone has to tell AA that no one is faked out by him going at warp speed. VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. No call? Did he just fall?
  12. I know we were on our heels with the PK time this period. I really hope we come out looking good in OT. We were moving it around earlier so well and actually looked like a decent squad.
  13. Jeez......even the fight was sad.
  14. Well...that's what I get for saying anything. edit: Yeah, I've been here for a long time. Usually I read the game day as I watch the game, and by the time I have something to contribute 3-4 others have already said it, and in a better way than I could have.
  15. What a save! 3rd period all PK time. Figured I'd add something to the thread instead of lurk. Considering how slow it is these days.