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  1. Montreal!
  2. Kovalchuk has been picking it up...wowza!
  3. I wouldn't want Alexander Ovechkin because he has some of the best hands in the league...he has an accurate shot...and his shootout percentage is quite impressive (4/5 i think) Besides Ovechkin it would be Pavel Datsyuk because I wouldn't want to get a fool made out of me..
  4. definately 1-5, they are all slowing down...
  5. I think that Kovalchuk will start to shine again and win it!
  6. Personally I would want Fedorov back
  7. Fedorov owns, but I'd agree with you on Datsyuk over Zetterburg
  8. I know Datsyuk is leaving, but out of all the recent Detroit videos I've seen, he looks like he deserves it most Post some other videos to prove me wrong
  9. Montreal for sure