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  2. BobRouse03

  3. I thought the same thing. I was under the impression that they could assist in calling a major penalty or even a four minute. I don't recall ever seeing that for a two minute penalty. Interestingly something similar happened last night in the Islanders/lighting game; however the officials blew the play dead on the high stick, but never made a call. The officiating in the playoffs this year has seemed particularly bad.
  4. The Blues look damn good right now
  5. I was there when this happened. It was an incredible performance by Bill Burr and he won the crowd over.
  6. Watching some of these other games really shows you how far away Detroit is now.
  7. So much of this loss falls on the coaching staff. I would highly doubt Blashill will be fired, but it may start the clock running on his tenure as coach. One would hope that he wil learn from his mistakes this year and grow from them as a coach. Special teams essentially won this series and this is an area where Detroit looked completely lost. I mentioned this in a previous thread, but even their 5 on 3 set up looked like a train wreck. I don't know how a team goes from a top end PP one year to an absolute dumpster fire the next. Again, that has to fall on the coaching staff. Ericsson bothers me every time I see him on the ice, but he is who he is. Is it his fault he's treated like a number 2 defenseman? Again, that falls on the coaching staff. I'm not at the point of dismissal of Blashill, but he needs to be on a short leash and demonstrate he is able to learn from this.
  8. GDT

    Doesn't it seem odd that on a 5 on 3 their top goal scorer does not step foot on the ice?
  9. This is incredible. I'm gonna shove that bat right up your ass and make you a Popsicle.
  10. I agree. Stars in 5.
  11. Chicago in 6. Seems like the Blues can't get past these guys. I want the Blues to beat Chicago, but I don't Think it will happen.
  12. China is here Mr. Burton. China is here, what the hell does that mean????
  13. I think this post is spot on and part of the problem. It seems to me that only a certain percentage of players on this team have any level of accountability. I don't want to continue to bang the drum of Ericsson needs to be scratched or Gus needs to be benched, etc. , but it just seems strange that no matter what happens only a small percentage are held accountable.
  14. GDT

    I'd like mine with vellocet.
  15. Great effort by Kyle Quincey's beard on that play!