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  1. Per Crains Detroit: Ilitches won’t renew lease with Joe Louis Arena By Bill Shea The owners of the Detroit Red Wings today told the city of Detroit that they won’t renew their lease with Joe Louis Arena, which allows Cobo Arena to return to city control and will pave the way for expansion of Cobo Center. However, the statement from Olympia Entertainment does not indicate Mike and Marian Ilitch will build a new arena. Instead, they indicated that not renewing will allow them to pursue a new lease at Joe Louis. They said they chose not to extend the current lease, which they were required to tell the city by Tuesday either way, to help the city resolve the Cobo situation and retain the North American International Auto Show, which could have left the city without an expanded Cobo. The statement from Ilitch-owned Olympia, which manages city-owned Joe Louis and Cobo Arena: “Olympia Entertainment today informed the City of Detroit via personal phone call and hand-delivered letter that, pursuant to the terms of its current lease, Olympia Entertainment will not exercise its option to extend the current lease on the Joe Louis and Cobo Arenas for an additional 20 years. The current lease, which covers both arenas, expires on June 30, 2010, and automatically renews for 20 years if Olympia Entertainment did not notify the City of its decision on the option by June 30, 2009. Olympia’s decision to not extend the current lease returns Cobo Arena to the City of Detroit and should assist officials in their efforts to keep the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This action also allows Olympia Entertainment and the City of Detroit to continue work on a new lease specifically for Joe Louis Arena.†© 2009 Crain Communications Inc.
  2. 1955 posts for game 7 STANLEY CUP WIN!

    lets go wings!
  3. JIRI HUDLER Autograph session

    Unless the money is going to charity, I really think it is silly to pay for autographs. In December, I payed $500 for a lidstrom signed game used stick and 4 lower bowl tickets, donated by the Wings and benefiting a childrens mental health organization here in detroit. This i feel good about.
  4. Pics of the stick I got the other night

    Very cool, Last year hudler handed me a puck on the way into the locker room. in december I won a lidstrom game used signed stick at charity auction, it is very cool.
  5. Winter Classic Pictures

    great shots
  6. Pictures of Lidstrom with visor

    here are the front and back shot of lids with a visor. Btw this is my first post since reg dunlop passed away, he has graced my avatar coming up on four years now. will be missed.
  7. Behind the Scenes look of Wings Championship DVD

    good call, I didnt even think of doing that, now its queued, along with the NHL Original Six Series: Detroit Red Wings
  8. Pictures from backstage at the parade

    Great Pics jay, I was right back there too! here are my pics Rally and signature pics My locker room hat has Draper, mule, hudler, kopecky, helm and filppula what a day!
  9. 3/9 GDT: Red Wings 4, Predators 3

    great game. my cold hands definitely appreciated the free RW gloves.
  10. Hockey Day in Mich - No open practice?

    No one has heard anything?
  11. last year I went to the RW open practice on hockey day. I found a link talking about all the events, no mention of another one. Does anyone know if there are going to be any this season? Thanks,
  12. Would It Be Inappropriate?

    sorry it froze, this was a repost
  13. Would It Be Inappropriate?

    Stopped by to see Maltby, made my donation, shook hands and came away with a couple pucks and a stick signed! Very cool guy.
  14. Bill Wirtz memorial/moment of silence booed by Blackhawk fans

    Well looks like things are beginning to look up in Chicago. I lived there for a few years and wrote Wirtz a few nasty letters regarding not having the games on tv. Blackhawks, Comcast SportsNet Discussing Televised Home Games Representatives of the Chicago Blackhawks met with Comcast SportsNet executives today to begin discussions about televising some home games this hockey season. -- Memo from Rocky Wirtz to Blackhawks employees (.pdf) -- It's important to understand that Comcast SportsNet's current schedule was developed well over a year ago, so fitting the Blackhawks into that schedule cannot be done overnight. No definitive agreement has been reached at this time, however, we are convinced that it is the appropriate next step to re-energize Chicago hockey fans and create new fans. We are also working on a long term strategy for televising additional home games in the future. As we have already shown, we will continue to embrace positive changes and remain committed to a bright future. We hope to be able to provide additional information on this effort in the very near future.
  15. RW Schedule for Outlook?

    perfect, thank you, ordered my Center Ice today, I am ready!