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  1. does anybody have a replay of the press conference?
  2. That's hardcore. My buddy and i bet jerseys for our kids......maybe i'm getting old. Go Wings!!!!!!
  3. Go Wings!!!!!
  4. So "elite" hockey only occurs when there is "elite" goaltending? i guess the other 5 people on the ice don't count. should we go to a straight shootout format?
  5. Is it possible to watch the ceremony online? i'm at work and cant' get to a tv.
  6. if i sent someone a blank dvd would you mind making a copy for me? i'll send a return envelope with the dvd. Shoot me an email if you can help
  7. I'm baffled that the league isn't doing anything about this. what if Mac blindsided crosby on the side of the head like that (of course he never would)? Bettman would have suspend him before the finla buzzer sounded.... It's complete bulls**t