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  1. This or That

    Two Foreign or domestic?
  2. Yahoo College Football Pickem

    I thought I would see if any LGW members would be up for some College Football Pickem. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/college If you've never played, you only need to pick who you think will win each game for the top 25 ranked teams. Very easy and only take a few minutes per week to play. League Name: Pistons.com Group ID# 9611 Password: pistons
  3. Yahoo College Pick Em

    Here's a link to sign up Yahoo College Pick Em
  4. Yahoo College Pick Em

    For any of you interested in playing College Football Pick Em, here's the league info. Group ID#: 5469 Group Password: pistons I think the games start Sat. so sign up quickly.
  5. Yahoo College Picke em

    Any college football fans want to join a pick em Yahoo league? It's very easy to play, simply pick who's going to win and how confident on a scale of 1-20 you are about your pick. Here's the league info. Group ID#: 23285 Group Password: Pistons As of posting this, there are 5 spots still open.
  6. The Rise of the MLS

    My guess is that soccer will alway battle the WNBA for that sixth spot behind MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and NASCAR. Soccer is too much like hockey without the ice and hitting....two of the things that make hockey so great. I've tried to watch soccer, I just can't get into it.
  7. CCHA Hockey

    I don't watch college hockey.........but GO IRISH!!!!!
  8. College Football

    I can't wait for this season to start. I'm a HUGE Notre Dame fan, though the only game I plan on seeing this season is Northwestern coming to the Big House. BTW, if you are interested, I've formed a Yahoo College Pickem league. Feel free to sign up if you want. League ID 10051 Password: Pistons
  9. College Football

    I also think MSU could beat UofM. They haven't done that since the clock fiasco. MSU is due for a W against the Wolverines. I
  10. College Football

    Collge football is my favorite sport. This is one of those years where there is not Miami or USC favorite. Should be a great season with a lot of good games. GO IRISH!!!!! If Notre Dame makes it through the first few games, they have a shot at running the table. I think this will be one of the roughest years for UofM in a while. I also think if ol Llyod doesn't win at least 8 games, he's going to be fired. I always root for UofM when they're not playing ND. MSU will suck, they'll most likely win 6 maybe 7 games.
  11. College Football

    If I'm not mistaken, Notre Dame is looking for a slightly easier schedule in the coming years. The insanely hard schedule has caused much of the Irish's problems in the last 10 years. I doubt they add Ohio State to that schedule unless they're gonig to give up playing Florida State or Tenn on a regular basis. I really hope ND goes undefeated. They came so close, how MSU and USC squeaked past them is beyond me. That ND/USC game is probably one of the top ten non-bowl games of all time.
  12. Bowl games in general

    I can't wait (already) for the next season to start. I'm a huge Irish fan and the Fiesta Bowl left a bad taste in my mouth. I was glad to see TX beat USC because of USC's lucky win over ND and because TX had already beat OSU. Hopefully the Irish won't have the injury bug next season either. Losing Rhema McKinght for the season against MI actually hurt their offense. It could have been even better.
  13. Members photos

    I'll put one of myself up if Muse does
  14. BCS Sucks!

    You guys are gonna leave out Virginia Tech in favor of Arkansas State?? I quote from a playoff promoter above: So here we have automatic berths for freakin' Arkansas State - a "non-BCS team" taking a spot from a team easily ranked in the top 16. You just kicked out Virginia Tech, LSU, and UCLA, all of whom had terrific seasons in good conferences. You think there's squawking when an undefeated team gets left out? You oughta see what happens when 6-5 Akron, 6-5 Arkansas State, and 7-4 Tulsa (records before conference championship games) beat out 2-loss teams in the SEC and ACC for spots in the playoff. A 16-team playoff would take four weeks - that's longer than the 64-team March Madness, because you can't play two football games in one weekend. Academics is a big enough problem on football teams, and now you've taken away a huge chunk of the second semester as well as the entire first one. A round-robin would be even worse, it'd be like a whole new season. Agreed
  15. BCS Sucks!

    I liked it pre-BCS. Whay the heck couldn't MI and Nebraska simply have played one more game in 97? We had less problems res BCS. I also don't like the idea of a tourny.