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  1. As a Miami student from Detroit, I can tell you that even here hockey is nowhere near as big as it is at home. Quality high school hockey is extremely difficult to find, and even as much as we love the Redhawks (I overdrew my bank account following them to the Frozen Four in DC), the hockey love down here doesn't come close to that of Michigan or Michigan State.
  2. Irony at its finest. Go back to school you writing comprehension retard.
  3. There's no way Franzen signs a deal like that... biggest reason being that nobody will get paid more than Lidstrom's 7.45 million. Even Zetterberg's new contract only pays 7.4, just below Lidstrom. However, in my opinion Franzen isn't worth that kind of deal. He should be making between 4-5 million a year, not more (I know it averages out in your model, but it just isn't realistic). He is a great hockey player with tons of potential, and I agree at the end of the day he should be locked up for around a 4 million cap hit, but he won't get that kind of front loaded deal.
  4. Say what you want about Cheli's worth at his age... but $525,000 seems like a steal when we're paying 1.25 million for Lilja's non-existent physical presence and constant turnovers. If the question is whether or not Cheli (even in his older age) is worth the money, then there should be some serious thought about Lilja's worth. Is this not the same board that can end any argument with "Lilja's lazy and he sucks?" (He's not Lang, but he's close) Keep Chelios out of loyalty, but also because for the money he is a better option than Lilja. With Lilja's skill level and salary he should be the one out the door in this trade, and Cheli still has something to offer for about half the price.
  5. I would love to bring in Wellwood. He would be a solid choice for secondary scoring and would have a lot less pressure on him here. He still has a lot of potential and career ahead of him. The question is money. How much are we willing to pay for a guy who has shown potential but not consistency and has had some injury problems? Sportsnet has him listed at $950,000 currently... which to me actually sounds like a steal. If he tests the UFA market then I say we see what we can get him for. Kyle Wellwood for 1.5 mil, anyone?
  6. Here it is for your viewing pleasure: They played this all through the playoffs as a part of the intro. Edit: fixed video
  7. It was at Dick O Dows in Birmingham both last night and tonight with Cheli, Lids, Hank, Hudler and Homer... plus a few more that my sister probably forgot to tell me about. Not to mention Hank brought his girlfriend.
  8. For the Apple Bottom Jeans song I found it on the Channel 955 Website: scroll down to where it says "Nick Lidstrom & Red Wings song" Still no luck on the country one though
  9. I know I'm getting in here very late but talk about a great effort!! More importantly though, I would like to point out that I saw another FEED THE MULE shirt (besides my own) at Joe Vision tonight and was very pumped to see a fellow LGWer. At least 10 people asked me where I got the shirt and I told them LGW was the place to go. LET'S GO WINGS!! 1 more!!
  10. I didn't really have a conversation with him but I did say hi. He seemed like a really decent guy and was nice enough to say hello. Here's a picture of him... kinda blurry and from a cell phone.
  11. Joe Sakic, Adam Foote, and another player I didn't recognize sat about 15 rows behind home plate tonight at Comerica. I don't think many noticed, and they minded their own business. I did tell Joe that I "hope they drop one tomorrow" and he laughed and seemed like a nice guy. Hate the team, but never had anything against Sakic. Class act.
  12. Did anyone see the Erik Cole injury tonight? SInce it isn't off topic and I didn't have anything uplifting to post Pulling for ya, Colesy!
  13. just thought i would point out that the season series is 2-0 detroit, not 1-0... nice game tonight, wings
  14. I have the Kronik... even a few months ago when I bought it, it was 229.99 (just like the 9k0) and it has lasted me since May. That's probably one of the longest lasting composite sticks I've owned. I am very interested to try the new RBK though...