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  1. orangegoalie

  2. New Years Eve Game

    Anyone on the boards trying to rid themselves of NYE tickets??? Not looking to spend too much and ticketmaster/stubhub has no descent/cheap tickets left in pairs..... Please HELP! haha
  3. Macon Whoopee

    No joke, a team from Macon, Georgia. There team name is Macon Whoopee and im looking for a jersey or shirt to purchase just because it IS that AWESOME for a name. My question is if anyone may know where to find anything for sale??? I obviously checked ebay but only found a temp tattoo...... I APPRECAITE ANY HELP!!! Thanks!!
  4. Jonas Gustavsson

    Yeappp, picked him up as my third Goalie in the 11th round
  5. Jonas Gustavsson

    Ok, so my Fantasy Hockey draft is tonight and as my third Goalie Pickup i want to pick Torontos Gustavson. heres my issue: HAS HE IN FACT beat out Joey McDonald for the #2 spot (now given, he should have already beaten out Vesa Toskala for the #1.....seeing as how poorly Toskala has been in the past few seasons and the HYPE with gustavson) ANDDD.....for those of you who have never seen this "MONSTER" play, go to youtube and enhoy goaltending at its best!!!!! HE IS A HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REEL
  6. Rank the NHL's starting goaltenders

    1.Brodeur - Proven #1 of All-Time 2.Osgood - Reliable steady starter (3 cups, nuff said). 3.Lundqvist - Proven WorkHorse (olympic gold) 4.Luongo - (hes on the caanucks, was on the panthers) 5.Miller - (im a state fan being bias, sue me) 6.Turco - (not gonna move up till he gets to the finals) 7.Nabakov - (see turco) 8.Kipprusoff - (slowly declining on the list after last year and the start of this year) 9.Fleury - (reverse kipprusoff) 10.Price - young kid showing greatness.
  7. Purchasing Tickets

    Well since tickets are rediculously $$$$$$$. Ive been looking at sites to find cheaper ones than going through ticket master (etc.). Anyway im wondering what sites others use and can be trusted to buy tickets. EBAY Prime Time Any of those people have use that i can trust and not be riped off. I appreciate anyone helping, i really want to get tickets to tomorrow nights game!!!! Thank!
  8. Red Locker Room Hats

    They Have them over at DC Sports in Twelve Oaks Mall as well. They are $30 but till the end of the month DC has a sale where EVERYTHING is 21% off (for their 21st anniversary). Anyway i spent about $100 the other day (saved $21). Not toooo shabby for some wings gear.
  9. Because we're bored....

    1. Dom being Pulled 2. Zetterberg's Blind Back-hander vs. the Avs 3. Fleury "tripping" to start the Finals 4. Beating a Crying Turco 5. Chris Osgood (amazing winning streak, 2 SO to start the finals, lifting Lord Stanley's Cup!)
  10. GDT-Pens/Rangers and Stars/Sharks

    Maybe they should call it a draw automatically sending the wings to the Finals??? ARE YOU IN? ok ok, im just REALLLY TIREDDD!!!!!!
  11. GDT-Pens/Rangers and Stars/Sharks

    im tiring out. on that note if Dallas really thinks they can take 2 periods off......i wouldnt mind seeing them win this game. So we can role our 4 lines against them. Im also ALL for Turco having Joe Louis Syndrome all series long....... With that said, i just want Dal to win so i can go to bed and the Wings can start the Conf. Semies sooner! HERES TO HAVING TO WAKE UP IN 5 HOURS!!!!
  12. Melrose On Osgood

    Tonight on ESPN News Barry Melrose gave his top players in the league. Number three was Ozzie. That the wings were "lucky ozzie decided to come back to the organization" WOW (from melrose?) anyway i was wondering if anyone had or could get a clip of it. id really appreciate it! Thanks LGW'ers! AND WOW OZZIE BETTER GET TO THE ALL-STAR GAME CAUSE HES TEARING IT UP!
  13. A "Fresh Take" on the cap space

    First off.....Fedorov is still Feds....he was on a lousy Amahiem team, and now a lousy Columbus team. He cant be expected to take a team to the cup. Hes an AMAZING player he can play 2 way hockey and is always a threat. Foresberg......what can you say. Set him up and hes still gonna put the puck in the net 8.7/10 times hes given the chance. Yes, hes slower but hes still AWESOME!!!, and he can set up a play just as well as ever. Now onto this Rolston mumbojumbo..........No. He is a good solid player but no where near the force feds or foppa could provide. If i had to chose i would take feds. Only cause he knows the wings. He can play 2 way hockey AND well. And i truly believe he misses DET and would love nothing more than to bring another cup to his FIRST TEAM.
  14. Kyle Calder = Cory Cross?

    Ok, so i was pretty excited to get Calder into the Winged Wheel. And my buddy was saying he better produce cause he kinda liked Williams (wierd huh?). Anyway he scored and had an assist last night and i was telling him there ya go. He replys to me "Cory Cross scored in his first game". I just sat their upset and dissapointed that he was right. CALDER IF YOU CAN READ THIS, SCORE ANOTHER ONE TO SEPERATE YOURSELF FROM CORY CROSS...... Anway i thought that was funny. Also i cant wait to see BIG BERT wreck people in the playoffs. I think the wings finally got what they have needed for years. A physical hard hitting winger, with a rocket of a shot that finds its way to the back of the net A LOT! But also if Calder can regain his form from his days in Chicago (not the 1 day he was in limbo before being traded here) But his Rookie and Soph year, He's gonna be an AWSOME Addition to the Wings!!!! Playoffs '07 Couldnt Come Any Sooner!!!!!! HEY HEY HOCKEYTOWN!!!!!!!!!!!