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  1. "and Darren Helm, who has been ruled out of the series, also skated and will travel to Chicago." Source - Found this interesting. good to see he is on his feet and moving around. could be a good sign. I believe he doesnt play this year but next year...
  2. This.
  4. so did anyone pick up the announce showing the amount of stupidity he has stating Selke was an offensive player? no s*** numb nuts...thats the point.
  5. so far they havent i guess its a plus
  6. great lost Bert
  7. cant the announcers see that pevalski punched a red wings after howard hit him???
  8. so Fox sports wants to me to look at as these lame adds plus possibly charging me %50 more for dishnetwork. they can go to hell
  9. wait until your contract is up and your monthly bills goes up 30 bucks a month. then let me know how "good" directv is. to add to this thread. Fox Sports is being lame as hell in this situation. dont these asstards know there is thing an economic problem right now and they want to add more useless bills for their gain? they can go f*** themselves.
  10. when i used to work a circuit city as an evenining job, the TV demos played the '08 SC finals highlights, but they set it up like the Penguins won the cup. all they showed were cindy crosby scoring goals. never once did they show the Wings carrying the cup or even skating around. it was like they didnt even playing in the finals. pretty lame if you ask me. i guess we have to prove we won it two years in a row to show some people who is the best team in the world.
  11. only thing that was good was the chic. HOT!
  12. im going to guess it was his own visor that caused the knick on his nose.
  13. BTW whats the point of having an NHL NETWORK that doesnt play but two playoff games so far? seriously what a watest of time. that network is a joke.
  14. i too remember this. they kept saying that we wouldnt miss a minute of the wings game when Chi went into OT. luckliy i found the phantom channel and didnt miss anything. but its the point. VS doesnt have their s*** together. just as bas the idiots running ESPN. hey directtv when can you get TSN!??