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  1. Guvnor1983

  2. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Good call GW! However, I don't buy that "behind the ref's back" stuff though. There are 3 other officials at the game: the 2 linesman, and the 4th official who all call the game as well. That refereeing display was a joke, and whilst I thought it was funny at the time, looking back on it is embarrassing..... Figo should have seen red as well. I know van Bommel went down like a sack of bricks, but you can't headbutt an opponent. Because Figo was booked at the time, it means that FIFA can't turn it to a red or ban him, which pisses me off coz he's allowed to play against England now! Also, nice predicitions Lou: 0 for 3! Bet you're glad you didn't stick any momney on it, or did you??
  3. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    If youy mean a Brazil Germny final, then the answer is yes! Although if they beat Sweden then I'm pretty sure the Argies are up next!
  4. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Well we topped our group with a 2 all draw with Sweden, but in the process we lost Owen for the tournament and possibly Rio for the next game. Joe Cole scored one of, if not the goal of the WC! I wouldn't have minded playing you Germans. Obviously, on paper, Ecuador are a weaker team, but Germany don't scare alot of teams. The one thing they have going for them is that they're the home team, and the home team typically goes quite far. Germany will get tested by a decent Swedish side............ Today we'll find out who has the pleasure of playing Argentina in the 2nd round! If you guys can, get a-hold of the Holland Argentina game, should be a cracker!!
  5. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    I can't really comment on Team America or MLS as we don't get any coverage here in the UK. Diving is getting big in the NHL though, players getting alittle hook to the arm and then flailing around looking at the ref for a penalty, but that's another topic! lol A few football experts have come up with a technique to get rid of diving which I totally agree with. A panel of officials watch replays of games, and if it's clear that a player has play acted then he gets a yellow added to his name. Getting back to the World Cup, we have the final group stage games starting today. First place in group A is determined by Ecuador vs Germany (both are through, however Germany must win to top the group) and the other game is Poland vs Costa Rica. The later games are England vs Sweden (if England avoid defeat then they will top the group) and T&T vs Paraguay (T&T must win and hope Sweden lose to advance).
  6. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    I disagree with the Pope sending off, that's never a second booking to get a player sent off. In the letter of the law of this world cup, the first American one was a red. I don't agree with it though. In the Premiership neither American would have been sent off...... Also German, it shouldn't make a difference whether a player is stretchered off/needs medical attention as there is so much "play acting" these days. For example, in the US Italy game, Cannavaro went down like he had been shot, needed to be stretchered off, but as soon as he reached the touchline he's back on his feet and waiting to come back on. It's the one aspect of football I really hate.....
  7. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    You Yanks should be proud after that! What an effort by the Americans. Referee was terrible; De Rossi's elbow was a disgrace. That's now 2 nasty elbows against US players in the world cup in the last 8 years! (The other being Leonardo's in 1994) If Italy beat Czech and USA beat Ghana, then America go through. Amazing considering they looked so poor vs the Czech.... Czech Republic were poor today. Petr Cech was fantastic in goal though. However, they were without both of their main strikers and their 3rd choice, Lokvenc, looked poor, plus he got his 2nd booking of the Cup therefore he misses the crucial game vs Italy.
  8. Why Do Americans Stink at Team Sports?

    The Czech Republic are good, but Brazil are a different class. Plus one of their starting strikers, Koller (the tall, lanky guy! ) went off injured. The commentators said it could be his hamstring and could possibly miss the rest of the tournament! The Czech's weakpoint is that they're vulnerable to counterattacks due to the attacking formation they play, a team like Brazil or Holland or Argentina, hell even England, could score a few against the Czech. I'm watching Italy vs Ghana at the moment and they're both playing amazing stuff; both teams should be on the scoresheet. There's usually one African team that does well in the World Cup and Ghana could be that team this year. I can't see the US beating either sides.......
  9. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Ended 3-0. Rosicky and Nedved were amazing. I was disappointed with the Americans, didn't look that good. Don't really remember the US troubling Cech either..... Ghana are holding their own against Italy after 25 mins. Think USA could go winless again....
  10. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Not like you to be a homer NN! It will be a great game. There's so much history between then 2 countries; when England play Germany the English media turn it into a "war-like" frenzy and remind us that we defeated the "Krauts" in the World Wars. On paper England's starting XI is up there with the best, and this German team is the poorest I've seen in a while. Germany are hosts, and hosts typically go quite far, hell even the US did well back in '94!! Timothy, Don't forget England are still without the Boy Wonder, Wayne Rooney. He's the key for us to win the World Cup........
  11. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Did you see the first half of the England game? We came out strong, but the heat played a huge part in the 2nd half - our energy levels just dropped. The BBC reported that England players lost between 5 and 10lbs during the football match! But we were terrible in the 2nd half. Taking off Owen in the 55th minute didn't help things......
  12. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Good shout BRTD! Shaka Hislop was amazing for T&T, Sweden threw everything but the kitchen sink at him! With that result England can qualify for the 2nd Round with a win again T&T on Thursday! Last night Ivory Coast were unlucky to lose 2-1 to Argentina. This afternoon Arjen Robben scored the only goal in the Holland Serbia game. Halftime between Mexico Iran with the score at 1-1.
  13. Why is soccer the only sport.....

    How vey narrow minded...... Tell that to the poor kids in Africa etc that A) have no ice and B) would spend their cash on food rather than skates.....
  14. Why is soccer the only sport.....

    When I was at school we would use 2 jumpers (sweatshirts/jackets) as goalposts - preety sure LondonWIng would agree with me! Football is possibly the cheapest and most accessible game in the world. Any objects make a goal post and all you need is a round object to kick around. Young Brazilians use empty cans, rolled up paper etc as a substitue for a ball........
  15. 2006 FIFA World Cup

    Please tell me you're being sarcastic?!