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    Mike Ilitch passes away at age 87

    Many, many years since I've posted here. Rest in Peace, Mr. Ilitch. Thank you for everything. Thoughts and prays to the entire Ilitch Family, and condolences to Hockey Town.
  2. Not only is it unrealistic, it's an eyesore, and will be a nightmare for the people who live there. Have you actually seen the area surrounding NVMC? It's a series of sleepy little villages and hamlets, where most of the street lights are still the old fashioned type that are strung up on wires/cables. The tallest buildings in the area are church steeples for the most part, for God's sake. The neighborhoods in the area are some of the most affluent in the United States. They have no interest in the urban sprawl Wang wants to bring to their lovely neighborhoods.
  3. Money. Scads and scads of money. Projected to be in the billions over the next 10 years. It's the reason he bought the Team in the first place.
  4. Yes, an apartment complex. And luxury high-rise condos. And a luxury hotel. And a 60 story "needle" tower/sculpture monstrosity. And a shopping center. And a baseball field. And a "sports complex". And a business conference center. And a bunch of other s*** that the residents of the surrounding area want NO part of.
  5. Where did I state that Wang forced Snow to take Nabokov? Please go back on your meds. Having a conversation with you is pointless. You're like a six year old.
  6. It is not in Snow's interest to make things better on Long Island. Wang's plan is to make them worse, and to keep blaming it on the "old arena", so that the fans scream bloody murder until the Town of Hempstead GIVES him the 150 acres of land he's been after from day one. He has no interest in the Isles, nor the success of the Franchise, (yes, Capitalized), nor their fan base. He will continue to sink the Isles until he gets the land, or loses too much money fighting to get the land. It has always been about the land surrounding NVMC. That's what those outside of the loop just don't get. It's only a valid point if you assume that the purpose is to build a stronger hockey team. That's not Wang's purpose. Wang's purpose is to get the land. Period.
  7. I didn't compare Lindros to Nabokov. I compared Lindros to Yzerman. I compared Nabokov to Smyth. Pay attention.
  8. Go back and read the post I was responding to. VM1138 puts forth that the Isles need "A" goaltender, not Nabokov. Why wouldn't they just go after any old goaltender. Why did they have to go after Nabokov? Answer: Name another NHL caliber goaltender who would willingly sign with the Isles, for any amount. They got the only NHL caliber goaltender they were capable of getting. And they got him for peanuts.
  9. Didn't seem to hurt Roli too very much. Did it? But then, perhaps the 35 year old "esablished vet" Nabokov isn't confident that he can acquit himself quite as well with a terrible Team like the Isles, as a 41 year old Dwayne Rolloson managed to. Losing horribly, getting blown out every night because you're playing in front of an AHL 2nd or 3rd stringer, doesn't do much to build a strong Player. It's the reason the Pens started signing veteran Players shortly after Crosby was drafted. Because they realized that losing doesn't accomplish anything other creating an atmosphere of Losing. Pretty simple, really. Of course there are differences. But then, we're not talking about Nabokov being locked into a contract, with a terrible Team, for nine years - as Lindros believed he would have been. (RFA age was 27, at the time, and the Nordiques would have owned him until then, and Lindros would have had no recourse other than to retire), and a goaltender who was fired from his last job, was sitting home on the couch with no job at all, and is now being asked to play ~30 NHL games ONLY for said "horrible, bloated" Team. So....yeah... There are differences.
  10. If that's the only difference you see between Nabby, and Smyth, then you haven't been watching a Class Organization like the Wings for nearly long enough. As for the rest or your post: Nabby gambled, knowing the odds, and lost. He's welching. Plain and simple. There's nothing upstanding about that. Nothing. And: Yes, it does bother me that the Isles are bloated and terrible. Just as I'm sure it bothered Wings fans during the Dead Things era. Here's a question for you: What if Stevie had refused to report? What if, when the Wings (a TERRIBLE Team), drafted such a fantastic prospect, he'd simply said: "I'm not playing for THEM. No freakin' way!" Eric Lindros did it. Now.... Take a look at how, and where, both Players began. And then take a closer look at how, and where, both Players ended up. The Hockey Gods will not be mocked. And Karma is a *****. Every. Time. Do you have anything of substance to add, or are you simply going to criticize my style of writing? There, is that better? Not one word capitalized/bolded/or italicized. Question for you, VM1138: Name one NHL caliber goaltender who would willingly sign with the Islanders, for any price at all, let alone the bargain basement price for which they acquired Nabokov. I'll wait right here while you compile that vast and distinguished list. Once again: He, and his Agent, both knew the risks. They gambled anyway, hoping against any reasonable hope, for the only outcome of 30 possible outcomes they wanted, to come to fruition. Snake Eyes! They lost. Now Nabokov wants to welch. Plain and simple. He's no better than Snow, in this situation. He's got no moral high ground to stand on.
  11. You're not paying attention, drwscc: Snow and Wang have ALREADY totally destroyed any and all goodwill they have with Players in the NHL. That's why they're forced to pluck players off waivers, and obtain them via terrible trades. It's also the reason that Garth Snow would have never THOUGHT to contact Nabokov or his Agent prior to putting in a Claim. Because he knew in advance what the answer would be. And secondly: The scumbag Wang is blowing hot air with his threats to "move" the Islanders. The only reason he purchased them in the first place was to get his greasy paws on the 150 acres of completely undeveloped land surrounding the NVMC, smack dab in the middle of one of the richest suburbs in the United States of America. If he "moves" the Isles, he doesn't get the land anyway.
  12. Apparently so, gcom. I guess Nabokov and his Agent were completely unaware that the Isles were down to a goaltender who has spent the last 3 years on LTIR, and their FIFTH string goaltender, as their FOURTH stringer went down with an injury last night, just after the Nabokov news broke. My goodness! Who in the WORLD could have guessed that the Isles might make a claim? Man, that came out of nowhere!
  13. There is absolutely no Class left in that Organization. I have no illusions about that. Every shred of Class fled, the day the criminal Charles Wang purchased the Team. That doesn't change the fact that Nabokov is under Contract to the Islanders. Just as he'd be under Contract with any OTHER Team which put in a completely valid waiver claim, as per the current Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NHLPA and the NHL. Nabokov and his Agent both knew the risks when they signed with Detroit. Those are the facts.
  14. And he'd be effectively wrong. Because the Contract he signed was a SPC, (Standard Player Contract). And when he he signed it, he put himself at the mercy of the CBA, which governs every single SPC in the League. And according to the CBA, he's a New York Islander. As of today. It's not pretty, but it's the truth. Ya know, when Ryan Smyth signed HIS SPC with the Edmonton Oilers, HE never signed a Contract with the "bloated, horrible" Isles, either. Why would he? But he showed up, as he was expected to, in every possible way, and played out the Contract. Difference, I guess, between a Player like Smyth, and a player like Nabokov.
  15. No. What he'll do is start making comments about how Nabokov knew that he'd have to pass through waivers before he could enter the NHL, and how he knew there was a chance that he'd be picked up. He'll probably state that "them's the breaks", and that he's an Islander now, and he'll be expected to act in a professional manner, honor his existing Contract, and report to his new Team. If he doesn't, he'll suffer the consequences. I'm not saying it's "nice", or even the right thing to do. But I'm betting it IS what Garth Snow WILL do. **Edit to add: I'm betting the Nabokov's agent will tell him to suck it up, and report. Play the 30something games remaining on the Contract, and earn a better Contract, with the Team of HIS choice, next summer. Meehan's a pro. He knows how the game works. He's been around awhile. Of course, that's just a guess. I don't know Meehan's tendencies. I DO know Garth's, though.
  16. Garth Snow is not the type to simply dump Nabby back on waivers if he refuses to report. He's as combative a GM as he was a goaltender. And Charles Wang IS the type who will be very, very offended if Nabokov refuses to report. He was outraged when Osgood turned down the Isles offer of a 4 year, $16M Contract extension in the summer of 2002. He took it as a personal insult that Oz didn't want to remain with his "family". Look for veiled threats from Snow/Wang if Nabokov actually does refuse to report. Just sayin'....
  17. 30 Teams weren't interested at a potential $4-$6M pricetag. At $250K? Different story, perhaps.
  18. Again, you remember what you want to remember. If you want to "remember" Howard's play as "Vezina caliber", be my guest. Howard was fantastic in November/early December. After that? It was the same story he's lived by his entire career, (College and AHL): Inconsistent. Just like this year.
  19. When Osgood went down with the injury last Season, HIS stats were "absolutely ******* destroying Howard's". Then Howard got in there, got a hundred or so games in a row, and when Osgood came BACK from injury, he got ONE game... And played well. Then he sat. And then he got another game. And played well. Then he sat. And sat. And sat. For WEEKS. After that, he played ONE game every MONTH or so. Coming in cold, right off an injury, and thrown into games against the Caps, and the 'Hawks, on the second night of back-to-back games... And then he'd SIT. Again. For another 3 weeks or so. Osgood was never given the opportunity to re-gain the Starting role. Never. He was banished to the bench for the entire second half of the Season. And the Wings paid for it in the Play Offs. You remember what you want to remember.
  20. Then why was it that, when Osgood went in for surgery, and the Wings re-called Joey MacDonald, that Babcock stated that "nothing would change", that they'd continue to "ride Howard" just as if Osgood hadn't been injured, and use Mac in the games that "Ozzie would've played", such as back-to-back games? It's been clear since 2005 that Babs has a dislike for Osgood. Since Oz went down with injury LAST Season, he was given ZERO opportunity to regain the Starting role. Babcock has stated, repeatedly that it's because "Howie is our guy. We're sticking with him." If he allows a DIFFERENT goalie an opportunity to take the Starting job from Howard, where he wouldn't allow Osgood even the opportunity to even COMPETE for it.... Then how does that not make a liar of the man, and prove that it was ALWAYS about "Anyone BUT Osgood gets a shot! ANYONE, including Manny Freakin' Legace!"
  21. If Nabokov clears Waivers, and ends up in Detroit... AND if he's allowed to even compete for the Starting role, let alone win it from Howard.... That's proof positive that Babcock is a liar with his "Howie is our Starter. We're going to ride him." schtick, and that his bias against Osgood was personal. Just as some here have opined.
  22. Unless another Team puts in a Claim. Then their Claim would trump the Wings Claim. Of course, this also assumes that Nabokov allows the Devs to place him on Waivers. Maybe Nabs is a bettin' man?
  23. Not necessarily. That only occurs, (if I'm not mistaken), if only ONE TEAM puts in a Claim. If more than one Team puts in a Claim, and the original Team subsequently Waives him, (if he allows the waiver, that is...), then subsequent Teams get a crack at him, based on the order in which they put in their Claim. ....I think....
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    Kari Lehtonen's New Mask

    "You gonna do somethin', or just stand there and bleed?" Nice mask.
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    Osgood might need groin surgery