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    The DETROIT RED WINGS (duh!), Detroit Tigers, music, movies, computer, reading, etc.<br><br>Fave players: Maltby, Drapes, Holmstrom, Stevie, Shanny, Manny (but really how do you pick?!?)<br><br>Best Red Wings memory: 2002 parade<br><br>Fave Tiger: Brandon Inge

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  1. Why won't the Tigers stop losing?

    that is quite a question that i wish i knew the answer to me too...isnt it perfect the way baseball ends as hockey begins?
  2. Favorite other Detroit team

    for the heck of it, I guess...i could really care less too, but you never know who would vote for them...they've got one vote so far!
  3. Tigers

    So, last night I went to the Tigers game and I was thinking.... Since Ilitch will not be able to spend so much on the Red Wings with the new salary cap, he will be saving a lot of money. Considering the last seasons salary, about $20 million will be saved. So, will that extra money go toward the Tigers? Its a nice thought. Or maybe even a new arena?
  4. Favorite other Detroit team

    Yeah, Brandon has got a lot of love in here...he deserves it!
  5. Tigers

    Well, Magglio is back and in 7 games back: 3 doubles, 3 homeruns, 8 RBI Not bad, if only we had him the whole season....
  6. Tigers

    So, Magglio could be in the lineup next week, for the first time since the first week of the season. He is currently in Toledo on rehab assignment. He went 1-2 in five innings with a double, RBI, and a walk in his first game.
  7. Tigers

    I am not saying Pudge deserves it more than Bondo and that he is having his greatest year ever or anything...but Pudge has a legitimate shot at starting and it would be nice if we had a starter when we host. Bonderman should definately be in the All-Star game, but he wouldnt make it as a starter, which is what we should have.
  8. Tigers

    Only 5 days left to vote PUDGE in to start in the All-Star game! 25 votes per person-so vote!!!
  9. Favorite other Detroit team

    Really? That is pretty cool! He has really become a solid player at third base for the Tigers, both offensively and defensively. Definately my favorite! Go Tigers! Go Brandon!
  10. Tigers

    Two of three from the Twins at the Metrodome...not too shabby! Next up...interleague play-Arizona Diamondbacks Go Tigers!
  11. Favorite other Detroit team

    He sure does! Go TIGERS!
  12. Favorite other Detroit team

    I have got to say the Tigers. They are the ones who have gotten me through this lockout. Go Tigers! Go Inge!
  13. Tigers

    Sounds good to me, question is: will we ever see it?
  14. Tigers

    SWEEP! against the NL West leading Padres! Seems we step up against the real good teams. One game under .500. So if we get there, are we going to lose another 4 afterwards? Go Tigers!
  15. Tigers

    Very true. We cant get over the .500 mark. Plus, we can never lose just one game, it seems. If we lose one, we lose five, like you said. Then we have a decent winning streak, but once we lose, its another 4 or 5 games! We need to get over this! So, stop this thing at 2 tonight.