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  1. The "REAL" reason some Detroit fans dislike Fedorov

    The word "greedy" is so misused. Fans who boo Fedorov are just venting, nothing more. They're ticked he left. Who really cares besides Fedorov slappies? The booers paid for their ticket and it's their choice to boo. I don't boo, but I don't cheer the guy now either. Greed, however, has nothing to do with it. Never. Fedorov will not ever return to the Red Wings, not unless Mike Illitch sells the team. Same as Legacy wasn't going to be a career Wing after calling Bowman an ant.
  2. Jerseys vs. Other Wings Clothing

    EDIT: Wrong forum, sorry.
  3. Who would you want back

  4. TOUGH GUY! (this season)

    You don't have to grow up in Canada to be knowledgeable about the game of hockey.
  5. TOUGH GUY! (this season)

    I love Bootland, I think he is a great player and fighter but he will not be able protect the Wings from the likes of Cairns. Sure he will fight them but if it is a guy like Cairns then he won't be scared of fighting Bootland so he will take shots at the Wings. Where as if you have a huge toughguy, like Cairns, he might not take as much shots at the Wings because he will be in for a tough scrap. I don't get it. Bootland isn't ready for the NHL (per Babcock and his staff). Therefore, Bootland is not the heavyweight answer. Why do people keep mentioning him? He's playing in GR and not coming up soon (if at all this season). Besides, isn't he too small to be considered a true heavyweight?
  6. favorite wing never to win the cup in Detroit

    Yeah, Mr. Coke sure deserved to win a Cup in this city. Nothing like rooting for heroes who let the city and fans down time and again. Sometimes personal behavior does matter away from sports. Forget Probert. Dino and Chaissan should have won here. I'll never forget the words "Chaissan with a drive ..." while the Wings were on the power play. Maybe Shawn Burr, too, even after the incident in the Finals against the Devils.
  7. Osgood or Thibault?

    Jocelyn is a girl's name, but then Osgood cried after the playoff loss to the Sharks. Just having a little fun. I'd take Osgood back at a decent price. He played well in St. Louis and has a nice history with the organization. Besides, he always maintained that he wanted to retire a Wing. A lot of people wanted Lapointe back. A lot of people wanted Shanny back. Why not Osgood, too? I hear Paul "the rocket man" Ysabaert is looking for work.