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  1. For Sale Sher-Wood Sticks

    Hello, Guys I could use your help with selling these sticks. here is a New Deal I will sell all 4 of them for $300.00 plus the shipping ( that is like buy 3 get 1 free)
  2. For Sale Sher-Wood Sticks

    Hi, I have for sale 4 new never used Sher-Wood SOP Momentum Carbon Sticks Right Hand. They have the air core techno, flex 100 $85.00 each plus the shipping ( if you go buy from company or hockey shop you will pay over $150.00 for each) Looking to help my dad out with some bills Thanks T
  3. WCF Game 6 (5/22) GDT: Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    LET THE HOUSE CLEANING START NOW. THE WINGS NEED TO MAKE SOME BIG CHANGES FOR MEXT YEAR. players to keep Chelios Cleary Datsyuk Draper Filppula Franzen Holmstrom Kopecky Kronwall Lidstrom Lilja Maltby Zetterberg Howard to back up Quincey ? Players do not bring back at all Bretuzzi Calder Hulder Lang Markov Schneider Players to BUY OUT and let Go Langfeld Lebda Samuelsson Osgood This team need some better de-man that can play aslo my pee-wee team playes better in there d zone then this team
  4. Cool Datsyuk photos from the Anaheim last trip

    I would like to say great photos, and also great web site
  5. WCF Game 4 GDT (5/17): Red Wings @ Ducks - 9 PM ET

    f*** Hasek lost the game for the wings tonite, he could not stop a Beach Ball
  6. Mandatory Visors?

    I am a head equipment manager at the pro level, and I will tell you that every pro level like AHL,ECHL,CHL,UHL,SPHL all have to wear visors. Also over in the IIHL in euro they all have to wear visors The reason why is the NHLPA is the reason why
  7. Like New Olympus Digital Camera

    Hi, How are you doing, I would like to know if you can help me out. I have For Sale one like new used only Got the Camera in Nov. Olympus FE 110 5.0 digitail camera, comes with user book, olympus xd memory card 16 MB,usb cord,softwear,and extra 3 yr warranty, 4 energizer rechargeable batteries I also have a extra olympus xd memory 512 mB I am Selling this to help my dad with all his hospital bills Please feel Free to PM me with your offers When i got the camera it cost me $179.99 plus $34.99 for the extra memory card Thanks
  8. Robert Lang

    Will Add this to the Deal I will add a singed Mathieu Dandenault glove ( from his team he played with in Italy lasy year)
  9. Robert Lang

    The curve is a great curve it is not to long of a blade and the toe of the stick is round very good and not square like most sticks. [b]I am trying to sell this sticks to help my dad with his hostial bills[/b] Please help me out redwing fans, This is a real game used stick from Robert Lang from the Olympics I am hoping that you redwings fans will help me out, This is a great stick for a gift or to add to your redwings or hockey collection. Lang use the warroir shaft, with a graphic blade Thanks Tom
  10. Robert Lang

    Hi, I have for sale one game used stick of Robert Lang from the 2006 Olympics, It is his custom stick from the Olympics. also the stick has his country name on it and also the sticker 2006 Olympics. Got the stick at the Italy vs Czech. Please feel free to PM with email address and I can send you photos of the stick b]I am trying to sell this sticks to help my dad with his hostial bills[/b] Thanks Tom
  11. GateWay DVD Recorder

    Bump NEW PRICE
  12. CCM Vector Sticks for Sale

    Hi, I have 6 new custom CCM Vector Sticks for Sale. 6 - CCM Vector v120 sticks ( Right hand) flex 100 Sell for $100.00 each or if you buy all $500.00 total plus shipping that is like buy 5 and get 1 for free, the custom sticks sell for about $120.00 to $ 140.00 each Please PM Thanks Tom
  13. GateWay DVD Recorder

    Hi, I have 1 Gateway DVD recorder model number AR-230, it has been only used for 1 year and also still have the box it came in. You can recorder movies on dvd and also burn vhs tapes on to dvds. Comes with gateway box,remote,user book, 3 new dvd discs ( $ 125.00) Also PC sports game forsale 1 EA Sports NHL 2004 1 EA Sports NHL 2005 1 EA Sports NHL 2006 1 EA Sports MLB 2005 all games come in there box, and also user book and case Please PM me Thanks Tom
  14. New Golf Bag for Sale

    Hi, I have a new, never used Oakley black golf bag for sale. If you look at the bag sells for $200.00. It still has the tags on it. The bag comes with a oakley golf towel, 3 titeist pro v1x golf balls looking to get $120.00 for it Please PM, or email me at Thanks [size=6] SOLD[/size] Tom