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  1. Oh sweet Jesus please! I'm a huge Panthers/Weiss fan. I would love this.
  2. On the day of the draft 97.1 said that PHI sent 3 picks to ANA for Ryan. That was the last that I heard of it. Haha.
  3. Ridiculous.
  4. Actually, you know what's odd? None of those appear to have a WC patch?
  5. Damn, nice find! Now I just have to sell my own plasma, and get a second job.
  6. I'm talking 100% authentic, what the players wear, has a fight strap, jersey. They had the replica's at Hockeytown, but not those.
  7. Authentic, EDGE? As in what the players will wear during the game? I went to Hockeytown and they didn't have them, and said they didn't know if they would. Called Hockeytown Cafe and they said the exact same thing. The lady at Joe Louis didn't really have any idea.
  8. Has anyone seen an authentic one for sale? I've been looking with no luck.
  9. Hmm
  10. signed

    Haha, yup. This guy's happy to be here.
  11. signed

    Blasphemy. Larry Aurie's #6
  12. Yes, yes yes!
  13. Just announced official on 97.1 Boom!