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  1. Mats Sundin

    Yeah especially considering he was like the 6th best player on the ice. Shouldn't he have broken the goal scoring record like... last year? He took his time. Enough bashing. Go Sundin! He's a gun player.
  2. Stefan forced to retire

    So true. It really does never get old. Never.
  3. 10/6 GDT: Blackhawks 4, Wings 3 (SO)

    The Red Wings current roster is capable of winning the cup despite tonight's performance. Some overreactions here...
  4. Tsn's Projected Point Production for 07/08

    TSN's formula for projections: Last season's total plus or minus a random number under 6. How can you project point totals anyway, when there is no current data to extrapolate?
  5. wings concept

    Great website idea. Create a site that just puts AIHL teams logos on jerseys and calls it "Freak you out"? A true visionary. Not to mention Photoshop wiz.
  6. Oilers Tender Offer to Penner

    Things like this make me appreciate Holland's eagerness to re-sign players like Kronwall, Zetterberg and Datsyuk before their contracts expire. He could've been forced to pay Datsyuk $8m a year.
  7. Mark Hartigan a Red Wing

    He won't play in Detroit. I hope he doesn't anyway because it will take an obscene amount of injuries for this to happen. He's no kid either.
  8. Nashville decision will say a lot about Bettman's legacy

    I'll bet my house that Nashville attendance will drop next season.
  9. whats next?

    We've already spent too much on D. Kenny really should leave it alone now.
  10. Who will challenge the Wings for Central title?

    I missed it because it wasn't there. Andy Murray had a horrible team in LA. When his team was half decent in 03 I think it was they lost more man-games to injury than any other team by a long way and still only just missed the playoffs. And FYI Murray went 19-9-5 with them last year. WAY above .500. Not bad considering before him they went 15-26-8.
  11. Bruins looking to dump salary

    I've been wanting Murray for years. He's got grit, size and ability to score.
  12. Who will challenge the Wings for Central title?

    Are you kidding me? You're making playoffs predictions when the regular season starts in 3 months and no-one has a completed roster yet. That's insanely stupid. Back on topic, I think the Blues will greatly improve and I think they should make the playoffs. In the latter half of last season they were a top 8 team in the West without a doubt. Andy Murray made a big difference.
  13. Bertuzzi a Duck: 2-Years, $8M

    Relax guys. There would've been more complaints about Kenny signing Bert to a fat contract and having him turn out to be a big filthy lemon. All is still good in Detroit.
  14. Bertuzzi a Duck: 2-Years, $8M

    Losing Nidermayer and Selanne helps.