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  1. I'm at Living Waters Pre-K in Port Charlotte, FL https://t.co/5fOw1sFVgq

  2. I'm at Living Waters Pre-K in Port Charlotte, FL https://t.co/6KTEhMCuga

  3. Still stalling on my run. Still looking for that elusive dream job that pays a good wage without being public facing.

  4. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/22/2016: 18,343 steps and 10.5 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvEmBk

  5. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/21/2016: 5,256 steps and 1.6 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvEmBk

  6. Okay, I give up, gonna try and sleep...and then wake up in a couple hours to run 6 miles. Wheeeee.

  7. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/19/2016: 4,824 steps and 1.4 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvEmBk

  8. edicius

  9. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/18/2016: 15,969 steps and 8.5 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvmLJM

  10. @Bacon_And_Legs I have to excel in something, I suppose! ????

  11. @JesseThorn Does that mean it's safe for me to drink PBR again? I mean, I've been doing it anyway, but just checking.

  12. @jencurran Your episode of @mentalpod made me feel much more okay than I've felt in days. Just wanted to share that. ????

  13. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/14/2016: 4,310 steps and 1.3 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvEmBk

  14. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/13/2016: 13,510 steps and 4.7 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvEmBk

  15. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 10/12/2016: 21,437 steps and 10.7 miles traveled. https://t.co/8YeecvEmBk