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  1. Looking for 2001-2002 Cup Run Tapes

    you mean send it from one vcr to another to copy it?
  2. Defending Detroit

    it's a weird situation i've seen both extensively. most avalanche fans are classless pieces of s**t and have shown it. most bronco fans are classy and have shown it. it's weird how they can be/act so different.
  3. Best Rivalries

    broncos/chiefs or broncos/raiders is a great rivalry wings/avs is the best hockey rivalry of the past 15 years. college rivalries are good i hear, except i don't watch college sports.
  4. Looking for 2001-2002 Cup Run Tapes

    i'm looking to relive what was the dream season for a hasek/wings fan like me. if anyone has tapes of the games, especially game 5 against the canes, please let me know. thanks.