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  1. NHL Tournament of Logos

    I think the preds should change their logo to reflect the guys from Deliverance, with the words predator running about chest level.
  2. Anyone wanna see some REAL hockey?

    Snepts believe you me hes is trying his damndist. That will come around the same time the soccer nets and three goal line make their appearance.
  3. The "Sports Leader" killing hockey?

    Yes by all means keep hockey off of ESPN so tons of people can miss the 2 games they air a week because their provider doesnt have the network. Or maybe you liked having the option to watch one early playoff series and one late. If you remember ESPN had four games on each night during the first few rounds. You could actually watch the games you wanted to watch. Instead we had to watch princess crosby and his penguins flop. Yeah ESPN would be a bad move for the NHL.
  4. Markov talks continue

    Well, Even though Markov kinda looks like Vlady, Id bail on him and go for Sopel. PS- My problem with Kronner is he may be a little Fragile. He hasnt completed a season in the NHL yet and should be in his prime as far as that goes.
  5. Is Kenny done?

    As most people on here know I think Kenny is not good at all in the off season under the new cap. To me this year the team moved sideways in the off season. We didnt get better and we didnt get worse from the team we had before the trade deadline. However I feel that Holland is the BEST GM in the entire league at the deadline, especially under the new cap. For what its worth Holland knows we will be in the playoffs again this year if for no other reason than our division is HORRIBLE, so he will do what he can to pull of a monster trade to make a run for the cup again. This will also give him some time to evaluate Grigs and Kroner again and see what changes need to be made at the deadline. I do however give him an F for this offseason for only accomplished one of his four goals. To be honest Im tired of hearing the same old crap outta his mouth about toughness and next year being the year to sign all the UFAs. meh...
  6. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    I cant understand why people would think signing "Double D" is anything but good. He could have been huge for us against Anaheim, knocking their D all over. Getting the crowd going at the Joe, getting Maltby back into what he does best. Laying the wood and charging this team up. Alot like D Mac except better and more consistent.
  7. Wings sign Drake for 1-year, $550K

    Good Signing. Finally a guy that brings the body all the time.
  8. A good update from Holland

    Kronwall has yet to finish a season without a big injury. He is tough when he is out there, hes just not out there long enough each season.
  9. The sky isn't falling guys...

    Two d-men and a top six forward, INCLUDING (at first) signing all of our UFAs that slipped to maybe two, and turned into one. So there it is 3 things, so he completed how many of those? 1/4 of one.
  10. The sky isn't falling guys...

    And Crymson once again you choose to look at a situation through your own colon, and not realize what being said is in fact truth. He didnt even meet 50% of his own expectations or goals, how could he get a better grade than an F?
  11. The sky isn't falling guys...

    Im sure Ill get bashed for this but.... Based on the goals Holland set for himself and this team at the start of the off season, he gets an F this year. He completed 25% of what he wanted to. I dont think compared to the rest of the league we were that bad, probably a C but when comparing what actually transpired to Hollands goals, I thnk he failed the team.
  12. Who is next to sign with Detroit?

    I dont understand Ken Holland. He tells all of us he knows what the team needs by addressing it in the media, then does nothing to fix it. Seems to me Rafalski only fills the gap created by losing Schneider. We also lost some other guys so we actually have gone backwards so far this off season. Where is Kenny going with this?
  13. Same thing different year.

    Paying 4 mil per year for Bert is just dumb. I hope Kenny is good to his word and we sign a big physical forward now, so we dont have to trade for one later.
  14. Bertuzzi a Duck: 2-Years, $8M

    Its not his fault he lost him to Anaheim. I simply stated we would not be resigning Bert and would not be aquiring anyone to fill his role. I hope Im proved wrong but I really think we will go into next seaon without a big physical forward once again. And again, we will have to find someone to fill in at the deadline.
  15. Bertuzzi a Duck: 2-Years, $8M

    Crymson get off my nuts.