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  1. Absolutely love this tool and have spent hours between this site and although I like this tool a bit better. I would protect: Nielsen/Tatar/Sheahan/Jurco/Mantha/Anthanasiou/Dekeyser/Sproul/Marchenko/Mrazek
  2. My point is exactly what you're saying but I think the approach is wrong. I surely understand the playoff streak and personally I love the fact that we've made the players for a quarter of a century. However, at the same time, that streak has spoiled us as Red Wings fans to have very highly competitive teams for over a decade. I don't feel as though we've actually had any Stanley Cup equity in the past few years because of these types of trades. I will concede that Vanek and Nielsen are better players, however, I think that's the wrong approach to take by sliding into one of the wild card spots and realistically have a ~0% of actually winning the Stanley Cup. What I'd rather see is taking a chance of some of these prospects and trade for picks/prospects rather than give them up. We've also been spoiled to have an insanely good farm system but I'm not sure how long that is going to last and we could end up in a situation that doesn't look very good. The last thing I'd want to see is us end up like the Oilers have been for close to 10 years.
  3. How does the expansion draft work again? Once the season is over, are teams still able to negotiate contracts right up until the expansion draft?
  4. No idea what management has been doing the past few seasons. Losing all these young guys like Pulkkinen, Frk, Ferraro, etc. who have shown some promise and then trading picks for guys like Legwand. Signing guys like Vanek, Ott & Nielsen. Seems very counter-intuitive to what they should be doing. I think 25 years of playoff success has clouded Holland's judgement into always thinking that Detroit is a contender when in reality they haven't been in several years and have been super lucky to have an incredible farm system but now unfortunately it's been ravaged a bit in favor of vets.
  5. Really wish Howard was moved last season. I really hope Holland tried because we're going to find ourselves in a s***ty situation (actually we already are). The market for goaltenders appears to be a buyer's market with so many teams who look like they are looking to move goalies. I highly doubt we'll get much for Howard but I imagine he'll be a very good option for Las Vegas to take in the expansion draft so I really hope he gets traded this season so that we get something for him.
  6. I don't really understand the trade from the Sens perspective? Anyone else?
  7. Holy s***... didn't see that one coming.
  8. I'm in.
  9. Love all the different goalie mask designs.
  10. Ya but the goal was scored against what looked to be a bottom tier ECHL team.
  11. Agreed.
  12. Hilarious reading this thread from the start and what people wanted to do with Larkin. Not saying that they were wrong per-say but jimmy was on point with his thoughts and looks like the best decision was made because he is literally our best player right now and he's only 19. Holy s***.
  13. It's weird to see this list without the Leafs at the top, however, with the recent success of the Rangers and the Canadiens, I suppose it's not surprising especially since the Leafs suck and the Toronto market is now getting teams that aren't s***ty anymore with the Raptors and Blue Jays.
  14. Why are so many people so fond of the "throwback" styles?
  15. Anybody seen my Baby? - Rolling Stones