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  1. pjgj13

  2. Still no decision from Suter. Speculation abounds.

    I read on Twitter as well (via a link on Bleacher Report) that Parisse is a Pen!! https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23nhl -- It is down the page a little bit
  3. The Phantom and The Seed

    The league does have a lottery for the #1 pick in the draft similar to the NBA! Yes they would because of the teams below them having SOW as well! Not sure if I am reading too much into your post but the goals are the same size as when Gretzky played. The goalies might look larger due to equipment though!
  4. Babcock "pissed off" about Burns-to-SJ

    Will everyone just chill!! We have Raffy's $6M, the ~$5M cap increase plus all the money available to our free agents. I don't know if there is anything up as to what we have left to spend but I am thinking it is $15-$20M. WE WILL SIGN A HUGE NAME THIS FRIDAY!!!
  5. Bettman Re-Alignment Proposal

    Realign if they MUST but DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT make the playoffs a "top 4 in each division". There could be the chance that the last place team in one division COULD be better than the 2nd place team in the other division and that would be BS!! I have always said get rid of the conference affiliations!! Either make the division 5-6 team divisions or 6-5 team divisions. How about having 1 team from each region in each division?? Something like this -- PHI, MON, CAR, STL, EDM SJ, PIT, BUF, WIN, COL VAN, ANA, NYR, TOR, FLA DET, CAL, PHO, NJ, OTT WAS, NAS, MIN, LA, NYI BOS, TB, CHI, COL, DAL That way, there would be no short travel road dates for the east and no long west coast trips for the west. NO AUTOMATIC QUALIFIER for winning the division!!!!!!! Seed the entire playoffs like the NCAA tourney!!!!
  6. I have seen a few about Dallas re-branding. If re-branding means changing everything, what about the Texas Lone Stars (or Lonestars)??
  7. Re-alignment

    I say we get rid of the conferences altogether!! Have either 5 - 6 team divisions or 6 - 5 team divisions. 5 - 6 team divisions Play each divisional team 6x (30 games) Play the remainder of teams 2x (48 games) Play 4 games based on traditional rivalry (4 games) 6 - 5 team divisions Play each divisional team 6x (24 games) Play the remainder of teams 2x (50 games) Play 8 games based on traditional rivalry The playoffs would be bracketed just like the NCAA tourney. No guaranteed playoffs for winning division!! If you division sucks ass and you can't finish in top of the league, you do NOT deserve to play in playoffs (see SE division for several years).
  8. Thrashers possibly done in Atlanta!

    Technically, the Wings have never been in the "eastern conference". When it was the Campbell Conf, the 2 divisions were the Norris and the Smythe and the Smythe consisted of the Oilers, Kings, Jets, Canucks, Flames and Sharks (when they entered the league). They were in the east division when there was only 2 divisions in the league!
  9. Wings in Seven

    Well, I doubted they could even get to Game 7, but I believed in them!! Now, I think they can pull this series out and win this series and send the Sharks golfing early!! GO WINGS!! FINISH THOSE BASTARDS OFF ON THURSDAY AT THE SHARK STANK (NO SPELLING ERROR)!!
  10. I have a dilemma

    Maybe watch it in a mirror, that way you watching causing the jinx will be reversed....LOL
  11. Howard......

    Howie's GAA may not have been as good as it was last year (don't know exact numbers), but how many times has our D left him hanging? I don't remember that many goals we scored with a deflection off of one of our defenseman's skate or stick, but seems like we allowed MANY more. Look at his shootout percentage. We have enough talent on paper to score 3.5 - 4 goals a game and Howie's 2.5ish GAA should stand up in 70% of games. I hope he plays almost as GREAT as last night because we are going to have the Sharks on their heels and we will take the game!!
  12. Howard......

    Where are al the "fans" that didn't think he could give us a chance in the playoffs?? If not for him, we are swept or at best, definitely done at 5 games. If not for him, we are down by 5 or 6 tonight!! Jimmy has DEFINITELY proven he belongs as a starter for the next few years!! If not for deflected goals, we may be UP 3-1 in the series right now!!
  13. Wings in Seven

    Now, all we need to do is win Game #5!! Then, the Sharks will be up against the wall because they do NOT want to come back here for Game #6 and be tied 3-3. Remember, we lost 2 games when we had late leads and lost in OT. If not for that, WE could be up 3-1!! At least the refs aren't officiating like they did last year's series!
  14. Game 3 JIP

    Just saw it is on FSD!! I was looking at the wrong damn day (AGAIN!!)!
  15. Game 3 JIP

    I realized I saw the Tuesday lineup shortly after I posted. So, does anyone know if we will be able to watch OUR team or will be relagated to watching another game?