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  1. BTW, McIlarth have scored more goals (in less games) this season than She...
  2. I don't like this trade... Nice to have big shutdown D but McIlarth is an average AHL'er nothing more and 3rd rounder... well Jurco was traded for 3rd rounder. Scary part is that Vanek was one of the best player this year and we got only 3rd and an average AHL'er... and I would like to have him as a bottom Def if he can skate and play some hockey. "She" needs to get traded right ******* now in order to clean this mess. I would also like to see some longterm contracts traded...
  3. Holy s*** Coreau. ...
  4. Mantha is the best player that we have.
  5. Great shift by Ott
  6. DeKe is awful - he make Errorson looks like Lidstrom... Nyquist is so stupid... Trade his ass ASAP
  7. Since when we can watch hard-core porn on NBC in afternoon?!?!? I can't leave my kids watch this...
  8. This will be Blash's last game as a Detroit head coach.
  9. Well at this point I think more accurate question would be "Who do we keep": There should not be untouchables on this team but I would keep : Mantha, AA, Larkin and Mrazek (but if someone is ready to overpay for any of them then they would automatically became available). I would get rid of: 1. She (worst player on this squad). 2. DeKe (nothing more than top 4, below averaged, overpaid defensemen). 3. Errorson (his nickname says everything) 4. Vanek (our best trade asset) 5. Green (our 2nd best trade asset) 6. Tatar/Nyquist 7. Blash (we need a coach, Julien or Gallant). 8. Kronwall and Howard needs to retire or to go on LTIR. 9. Trade Helm and LG so we can clear up cap space.
  10. Hitchcock will retire this summer... I would go : 1st option : Tippett (if he becames available) 2nd option : Julien (he's assistant coach to Babs for team Canada). 3rd option : Gallant
  11. Inous my opinion, there are only 3 players which I would not move (unless there is a huge overpayment). Mantha, Larkin and AA. Everyone else should be available. Expansion draft is coming, teams will be looking to move some good players just not to lose them for nothing... so trade Vanek, one of Tatar/Nyquist, Green, Nielsen, DeKe, She, Jurco... for draft picks, prospects and expansion draft exempted players... KH will need to be creative (good luck with that) this off-season will be funny to watch.
  12. KHL bound...
  13. Outplayed, outclassed.... Matthews was huge but Kadri was everywhere. I think that he will be a beast if he keeps learning from Babs. I miss Babs...