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  1. I would rather have Rasmussen
  2. At this point I guess Liljegren, Rasmussen or Pettersson are targets... Hopefully we can end up with one of Foote/Hague also...
  3. Was hoping for some luck after s***ty season... but I guess it was expected
  4. Draft best available player and let's hope that Vilardi or Tippet will be available...
  5. It's time bring some FA prospects, Zach Aston-Reese, Daniel Brickley, Michael Vecchione...
  6. Mantha - Z - X X - X - Larkin Abdelkader - AA - Svechnikov Bertuzzi - X - Smith X - X X - Green X - Jensen/McIlarth Jensen/McIlarth Mrazek Get rid of dead weight: Nielsen, Nyquist, Tatar, DeKe, LG, Helm, Errorson, Kronwall, XO... And let's start rebuild and avoid quick fix like a Weiss, Colo, White... and Nielsen. We will need to have a better drafting.
  7. Helm with 2nd turnover leading to goal against
  8. Meanwhile... we have SHE on our 1st PP unit...
  9. I don't get why some complains about Mrazek, on 1st he was pushed by JVR and 2nd was PP goal vs best PP in the league... perfectly executed, issue is more in front of Mrazek.
  10. BTW, McIlarth have more goals (in less games) this season than She...
  11. I don't like this trade... Nice to have big shutdown D but McIlarth is an average AHL'er nothing more and 3rd rounder... well Jurco was traded for 3rd rounder. Scary part is that Vanek was one of the best player this year and we got only 3rd and an average AHL'er... and I would like to have him as a bottom Def if he can skate and play some hockey. "She" needs to get traded right ******* now in order to clean this mess. I would also like to see some longterm contracts traded...
  12. Holy s*** Coreau. ...
  13. Mantha is the best player that we have.