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  1. Feeling that we will lose this one... 3:1 for Ottawa.
  2. Yes we should And let's not forget KH
  3. Green, DeKe... omg
  4. What defence?
  5. I miss Dave Lewis...
  6. Green... omg
  7. Lol, DeKe just did the same thing and Trochek nearly scored...
  8. I did not said that he's great I said that he's our best Def so far. DeKe looks lost out there and Marchenko is at the same level as Errorson so far...
  9. Smith is our best Def so far Holy s***, huge turnover by DeKe...
  10. Poor Mrazek
  11. Babs anyone?
  12. Our def is a mess... we are losing again this one 3:1 I can see again at least 1 PP for too many man on ice (thanks to our coaching staff).
  13. After Gordi Howe Hat trick there is also PK Hat trick: 1. Goal 2. Turnover leading to goal 3. Stupid penalty at the end of the game
  14. Why Z is still on top line? Tatar - Larkin - AA Mantha - Nielsen - Abdelkader Nyquist - Z - Vanek Helm - LG - She Smith - Green DeKe - Sproul XO - Marchenko
  15. Boyle shoot was perfect... hard to blame Mrazek when Marchenko made an error in offensive zone. DeKe and Marchenko were brutal tonight. Winnipeg needs LHD, about same age and potential as Trouba. They don't need more forwards. It seems like Larkin was asking price for Shattenkirk but even that wasn't confirmed.