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  1. zetterbergfan40

    3 Way Deal Involving The Wings, Bolts, and Ducks

    looks like detroit would get the worst of this deal
  2. zetterbergfan40

    Hasek Back?

    no thanks to hasek.....
  3. zetterbergfan40

    Red Wings autographs

    i want a zetterberg autograph
  4. zetterbergfan40

    Franzenstein or Mule?

    i like franzenstein....its pretty cool
  5. zetterbergfan40

    Recordings of every game available

    i would love to get a copy of some games
  6. zetterbergfan40

    Detroit Pistons Season Thread

    i think jim rome has his own radio show in det.....he likes the city, the people and the sports
  7. zetterbergfan40

    john salley's an idiot

    yea, john sally is a faget
  8. zetterbergfan40

    Status on Grigorenko and Helm...

    yea.....he will be in det right away
  9. zetterbergfan40

    Hudler is on fire!

    by the way hudler is still leading the ahl in scorings........ there's still about 15:00 left in the third in the syracuse game. but in 10 and 2/3 games he has 12g and 12a http://stats.theahl.com/stats/statdisplay....ype=top_scorers
  10. zetterbergfan40

    New Name For "Grind Line"

    i like 2 Grinders and a Hero
  11. zetterbergfan40

    Question ?!?

    id spent 102.50 to get it.......
  12. zetterbergfan40


  13. zetterbergfan40


    i would definitly be happy with a dats havlat trade!!!
  14. zetterbergfan40

    GRIF'S 2-0 START

    thats a pretty bold statement, im not so sure about that considering that the griffins are streaky and so is hudler
  15. zetterbergfan40

    Hudler is on fire!

    hes leadin the league in scorin with a game in hand on the next dude http://ahl.leaguestat.com/stats/statdispla...ype=top_scorers