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  1. It's easily Robert Lang. He underachieved his entire time with the Wings, and the fans were constantly on him. Anyone remember "He's lazy and he sucks"?
  2. What if we don't make the conference finals? Then what pick is it?
  3. I'll say 2:15
  4. If they can lock up Biron, I'd say that was a good deal for Philly
  5. To Philly for an undisclosed draft pick
  6. I was reading on TSN that his name has been floating around in trade rumors, and it's no secret Holland has been talking with Florida a lot over the past few days. I think everyone is assuming it's for Bertuzzi or Roberts, but I say Kenny pulls a rabbit out of a hat here and gets Jokinen. Go ahead and laugh now...but we'll all be celebrating later
  7. Do you guys think the Oilers would trade him to us? I mean surely they would rather send him to an Eastern Conference team than one of the top teams in the west. And I'm sure every team in the east is salivating at the thought of getting Smyth, just as much as we are.
  8. Let him go anywhere but Detroit. He would not improve this team at all IMO and would not be worth whatever we have to give-up
  9. This could be the first time I'm actually happy Holland ISN'T doing anything. I would rather us go into the playoffs as is than give-up three picks and a prospect for a 40 year old Guerin. I don't mind if they trade picks and prospects for a younger player, or someone who can be around for a couple of seasons. But to give-up that much for the rest of the season is ridiculous. And like I've said so many times, in the old NHL it wouldn't matter because we could just stocl-up in the off-season...not so much the case anymore. So far Kenny seems to be doing everything right.
  10. man, wouldn't that be something if Nashville got him?
  11. Do you guys really want to send youth and picks for old veterans like Gary Roberts and Bill Guerin? Guerin is what 36 years old? Isn't Roberts 40? This isn't the old NHL where we can just go and trade our picks away and sign big names in the off-season. We need to think about our future as well.
  12. I never realized this, and honestly don't really remember it, but I was just on wikipedia looking at the results of every season in the franchise's history, and saw that we finished 2nd in our division in both 97 and 98. Just something interesting to think about.
  13. And I mean more than just a "division rival" like the Blue or Hawks. I know I feel a passionate hatrid for them, and I think they are obviously our biggest competition. This has been our division for so long, and no there's finally another team that can puff their chest and go toe to toe with us. I hope it becomes something that has Wings fans really hating the Preds and the Preds fans really hating the Wings (which they probably do already).
  14. Clearly this info is coming from a rumor site that is being reported by an unconfirmed person who said to have heard this from an unconfirmed and therfore unreliable radio station that appearantly has insider info that nobody else does. Calm down, this is just another garbage rumor.
  15. Wow, if this is true Holland is a genious. Let's look at the players we've signed so far: Lilja Sammuelson Osgood (Shanahan) (Belfour) Wow, it takes a real man to make these kinds of moves. The problem is now Holland doesn't have Illitch's wallet to hide behind, and he is trying to hang on to something that has won in the past "old NHL"...please fire him now. Make Yzerman or some random fan the new GM...