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    i love bauer... my dog
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    I'm 16 years old and i play jr.b hockey in new england in the empire hockey league. I was born and raised in Michigan and i am 100% red wings. Two of my walls in my room are painted red, the other two white. Red Wings posters fill it and i live and die with the red wings. I still go back to Michigan every summer for a couple weeks to visit my friends and family. Basically my life can be summed up in two words... GO WINGS<br /><br /><br />wwyd yzerman forever

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  1. Your 5 Favourite Non Red Wings?

    1. Martin Havlat 2. Alex Kovalev 3. Sean Avery 4. Mike Modano 5. Thomas Vanek Honorable mention go to: Martin St. Louis, Mike Richards, Brad Richards, Vinny Lecavalier Of All Time: Pavel Bure
  2. Sean Avery

    Not to mention Avery looks up to Yzerman so much, afterall thats why he wears number 19. and with Stevie Y workin the deals we could have a shot.. right?
  3. Parise

    I'm actually friends with zach and hes very happy in new jersey.. although he does think gomez is hilarious and he'll miss him but he did say he doesnt much like rafalski so i dont think he'd want to come back to his team.
  4. How many here have played hockey?

    Ive been playing hockey since i was four. My dad and oldest brother whose 23 play beer leagues. My other brother(21) plays at Plattsburgh State. He had two D1 offers from AIC and West Point and was talking to UMass Amherst but decided Plattsburgh will be better development for when he plays pro afterwards whether in Europe or in the ECHL. I'm 16 and play juniors instead of highschool. Hockey is our lives we shoot over 200 pucks a day and lift/go to the track everyday,stickhandle/pass with eachother and skate as much as we can whether its camps drop in or showcases. I still wish i lived in Michigan, moved out to New Hampshire when i was 10 but i suppose its good because the Eastern Junior Hockey League is out here which is of the top 3 jr. a leagues in the country with the NAHL and USHL. My brother was also the captain of his team in the EJHL last year and played in the ejhl all-star game. Coicidently Mathieu Schneider played for my brothers team a long time ago. My ultimate goal is to play D1 college hockey. Worst part about living in NH... NO WINGS FANS!
  5. What the Wings must do to wing a championship next yr....

    you obviously dont know anything about hockey Wings Fan 5. You dont call it a championship maann its the cup, unless all you wanna win is the western conference.
  6. What the Wings must do to wing a championship next yr....

    you obviously dont know anything about hockey Wings Fan 5. You dont call it a championship maann its the cup, unless all you wanna win is the western conference.
  7. Is It Fatigue or Lack of Heart?

    It was neither It was them jumping us from the start and not letting us get into the game. It was them just plain old being the better team for the first 40 minutes. I dont know how many of you still play competitive hockey.. but its not always as easy as it seems from the couch. Sometimes no matter how bad you want it, its unbelievably difficult to get a group of 18 guys into a game that youre getting dominated. We showed our heart and our jump in the 3rd and i wish we had it all game. Their first three goals just came from them jumping on us before we even knew the game had started. But its not always a matter of lack of heart of effort, sometimes you just lose games.
  8. Lilja deserves props

    The overtime game winning goal was completley Franzen's fault and not Lilja's. He had the puck on his forehand for a good two or three seconds in the zone shorthanded.. he should have iced it.. instead he went to his backhand and tried to get it around Pronger. Bad decision, he should have just iced it. I don't neccessarily blame him for the loss, he didn't make any other mistakes the entire game. Just the one he did cost us the game. However we can't forget that these guys are professional athletes, and we have enough veterans in our locker room to keep our young guys cool. You cannot go through an entire playoffs without facing elimination once, it will happen. For us our first time this season will be tomorrow, and we will over come. We have enough expirience to understand how serious Game 6 is... and in no way would I underestimate the Wings tomorrow.
  9. 'WE BELIEVE' Positive Thread

    you cant go through an entire playoffs without facing elimination.. it will happen. and we will over come. GO WINGS
  10. New "Lazy and Sucks" Player

    definatley agree with the injury and i think he only really had one bad game, give him a little more credit
  11. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    HAHAH i love when Jim pretends to be Dwight.. that show is amazing havent missed an episode yet. Impressed that you created that.
  12. Wings Fans at LGW

    Happy Birthday 9 days ago to you Grypho.. checked out your profile is all not a stalker haha
  13. 2007 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs Sharks

    that donut does look amazing though.. admit it
  14. Happy Birthday to Nicklas Lidstrom!

  15. Wings meet fork

    "You're not a Wings fan" PERFECT.. couldn't have said it any better myself. GO WINGS