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  1. Per Yahoo Sports for the hit on Kronner http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=Ahnr0b1.HEa3HDBtpujvarN7vLYF?slug=ap-bluesstewart-suspension
  2. elitepuckster

    Winning SC dates?

    Does anyone know the date of the Stanley Cup wins from 97, 98, 02, 08? I am looking for the actual dates that the last games were played. Thanks, Elite
  3. We have to remember with regards to Downey and Mac, what are the chances of both of them in the lineup at the same time? I would say slim to none. So if Mac signed for 575k also, then by alternating games or weeks, their total salary of 575k would count against the cap, not 1,150,000. This amount would be lessened by any games in which neither of the guys were in the lineup. Advantage of a 2 way contract. Bring them up, send them down. This would still leave under 500k to sign Cheli. This can all work out if they want it to.
  4. elitepuckster

    Whack a Penguin

    311 315.4 317.2 320.8
  5. elitepuckster

    Wall Street Journal analyzes Hockeytown woes

    Everyone looks at ticket prices, but if you want to park anywhere close to the joe you are paying between $20-$40 for parking. People that know detroit park other places like greektown and take the people mover in which saves the high cost parking. But we do have to look at that as a factor.
  6. elitepuckster

    Great McCarty Article...from Denver Post

    http://www.denverpost.com/avalanche/ci_9090081 Happy Reading Elite!
  7. elitepuckster

    press conference on detroitredwings.com @ 3pm 4-11-08

    Wonder why this is only on detroit red wings.com and not on Nash Preds site. Too Poor I guess.
  8. elitepuckster

    Yzerman Night DVD

    Thanks a ton for seeding. I am now complete and seeding myself.
  9. elitepuckster

    Yzerman Night DVD

    Is there anyone that can seed this for awhile again. There are a whole bunch of people that are at 99.3% downloaded. If I get it all the way, I will seed it for awhile. Elite!!
  10. elitepuckster

    Interesting about the standings

    Good point about it being a tough sell on a Tuesday night when the kids have to get up the next morning, but what does basketball do. If they had too, they would play all night. They dont play for the fans, they play for a win. I have seen triple overtimes in basketball and if people dont want to wait to see who the winner is, they can find out in the morning or listen to the ending on the radio. Its all about choice. For me to pay the money and watch my team completely outplay the other team, and yet the other team ties the game at the end of regulation because of a fluke goal and for the game to be decided by a shootout really sucks. I hope the NHL takes this year and reviews it and decides to come up with another idea. Hockey really is an exciting sport and shootouts are exciting, in the minor leagues, but not in the pros. I would go with a 10 min overtime. Overtime hockey is the most exciting anyway. This is a great idea. Elite!
  11. elitepuckster

    Interesting about the standings

    If we didnt have the shootout this year, the standings would be totally different: Detroit (current) 49W 19L 13OTL = 111 pts (old way) 47W 24L 10T = 104 pts Buffalo (current) 52W 21L 7OTL = 111 pts (old way) 42W 24L 14T = 98 pts Nashville (current) 50W 23L 8OTS = 108 pts (old way) 46W 24L 11T = 103 pts Anaheim (current) 47W 20L 13OTL = 107 pts (old way) 43W 24L 13T = 99 pts New Jersey (current) 49W 24L 8OTL = 106 pts (old way) 39W 25L 17T = 95 pts I think the shootout makes a huge difference in the overall standings and i'm not too sure if it is in a positive way. Should we have a round of breakaways deciding who is tops in the NHL. I like the excitement and all of the shootout and I think it is great for the fans, but I don't like how it has such an effect in the overall points. The best team in the league shouldn't be decided by who has the best shootout stars and that seems to be exactly what is happening. Look at the Wings. They suck in the shootout, but they are still tied with Buffalo, who was awesome in the shootout, in today's standings. If it were the old way, Detroit would be involved in a hell of a race with Nashville for the division, conference and presidents trophy. Just a fun fact! Elite!