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    One of every three:

    It makes sense, but Bettman only cares about TV markets.
  2. CenterIce

    Anyone Else Concerned About Road Play?

    I am a little worried, but I think they should improve on it before playoff time. Home Record = 13-2-1 Road Record = 8-8-0 Home Game Played = 16 Road Games Played= 16 Home Goals For = 67 Road Goals For = 39 Home Goals Against = 30 Road Goals Against = 41 Home Differential = 37 Road Differential = -2 Home +/- = 35 Road +/- = -5 Something going on there.
  3. This is the way the Wings have worked for years. Have as much depth as possible, so when injuries happen, they have options. Goes back to 2007, when three defensemen got injured in the playoffs. Between Smith and Commodore, Smith has options to the minors, so he is the one sent down.
  4. CenterIce

    Mickey Redmond Soundboard

    I love the woo sound.
  5. CenterIce

    Mickey Redmond Carhartt Commercial voiceover

    I have seen that commercial a few times. It is definitely Mickey.
  6. CenterIce

    Pekka Rinne signs 7yr/$49M contract with Nashville

    Because of his age and where his birth date is on the calendar. He will not be a UFA until end of next year.
  7. CenterIce

    Another realingment scenario I like it, if Detroit is East. Still pretty good otherwise.
  8. CenterIce

    Igor Larionov on Twitter!/Igor_Larionov
  9. CenterIce

    NHL Press Confrence Tomorrow at 3

    I have seen it mentioned that Pittsburgh will be getting the next draft, so this is probably the official announcement.
  10. CenterIce

    Thoughts on Ericsson?

    Ericsson's fight
  11. CenterIce

    Detroit signs Nyquist
  12. CenterIce


    Babcock feels he is not getting Hudler on the ice enough. He is putting on the power play point with Kronwall.
  13. CenterIce

    Kronwall contract talks
  14. CenterIce

    What can be done to go East? Interestingly, it sounds like the Wings have said they might stay in the West, if they reduce the number of trips to the west coast.
  15. CenterIce

    Shanahan back on Twitter

  16. CenterIce

    9/21 Exhibition GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 3

    You saw the hair, too?
  17. CenterIce

    9/21 Exhibition GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 3

    It was a holding the stick penalty. They just announced it as holding.
  18. CenterIce

    9/21 Exhibition GDT: Red Wings 2 at Penguins 3

    Hudler - Johnson - Brunstrom The Reclamation Line?
  20. CenterIce

    Early Training Camp Lines/Teams
  21. CenterIce

    Tampa Bay to have no fighting policy in training camp

    I don't have it in front of me, but someone got injured the same way this year. I can't remember the team.
  24. CenterIce

    Wings have designated certain games "premium."

    Yeah, they have actually done this for a few years now.