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  1. Bottom Six

    Most of these rosters have Nyquist in them, Don't be so sure he will be starting with the NHL in October. He still has options, while the other forwards do not. My guess for foward lines would be this: Bertuzzi - Datsyuk - Franzen Brunner - Zetterberg - Filppula Samuelsson - Helm - Cleary Tootoo - Abdelkader - Miller Depending on Eaves health, I belive him and Emmerton would be the extra forwards. They would then try to send Mursak through waivers to AHL. If Eaves isn't ready Mursak and Emmerton would be extra forwards.
  2. Rule question

    NHL Rule Book Information
  3. Lidstrom out this weekend|DET|home
  4. Wings Friends

    Datsyuk is friends with Ovechkin and Bryzgalov, too. Selanne came to Filppula's Cup party in Finland.
  5. Red Wings Alumni lineup

    Probably his knees. I have been seeing Osgood, Vernon, and Hasek as possible goalies. Draper and Maltby have said yes. They have asked Shanahan and possibly Hull.
  6. What to do about goaltending

    Yes, and Quincey is supposedly on the block. It looks like Giguere's numbers are okay this year. The two main questions would be what would go in the other direction, and if the Avs would go for it.
  7. What to do about goaltending

    I am never one to throw trade scenarios out there, but with our backup situation, I thought I would throw this out there. What would you think about picking up Giguere and Quincey from Colorado?
  8. February 2012 Schedule Wallpaper Now Available!

    Thanks for the phone sizes.
  9. The SuperSkills competition is an embarrassment

    The captains for each team.
  10. Props to the DJ at the Joe

    The Red Wings' DJ is on Twitter. He takes requests.!/thehockeyjockey
  11. Lidstrom on NHL 36!

    It is a new series. Lidstrom's is episode 3. They have covered Kane and Bergeron. They follow a player for 36 hours.
  12. UofM/NHL in Advanced Talks for Winter Classic

    It will be interesting to see how many tickets go on to sale to the general public. If they follow there usual route, tickets will be available to Wings' season ticket holders and probably UofM season ticket holders first. Then, Toronto season ticket holders would get a crack. With the larger venue, here is hoping more general ticket sales will be available. I am loving this. If all of this falls into place, it should be a great group of events.
  13. Cammalleri traded

    Here's the details.
  14. Cammalleri traded

    After today's game, Bourque still has a game left on suspension.