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  1. GDT

    I'll be in section 101 tonight. Go Wings!
  2. I'm here for the party!!! Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. gdt

    Well that sucks... Guess I'll be changing plans.
  4. gdt

    When are games 5 & 6? All the things I've seen have said Friday and then Sunday, but Ken said they'll be in Tampa on Saturday? Am I crazy?
  5. He makes watching games far less enjoyable for me.
  6. Come on FSD! Killing me!!
  7. Ok this is really annyoing FSD...
  8. GDT

    I've probably missed this but where has Mickey Redmond been? Not a of fan of Ozzie doing commentary...
  9. Well since everyone else likes it... I'll say it's $2.525 million too much!
  10. Isn't this what everyone said after they won a few years ago? Seemed to work out just fine for them...
  11. Oh Smith has been run over and then backed over by the bus repeatedly at this point...
  12. Was it not batted out of the zone by a Wings player and brought back into the zone by a Hawks player while Hawks were still in the zone, thus being offsides? Anyone have a video or gif available?
  13. Are people STILL defending this guy!? Come on people! Open your eyes!