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  1. 10/11 GDT: Red Wings 3, Senators 2

    "You Don't Mess With The Johan!" (copyright SDWingNut, all rights reserved)
  2. RWN: New England - opening of a new chapter?

    It's been a year now almost to the day. My wife (Trish, dunno if you remember her from one of the Anaheim meet-ups) is from here originally and we've got a 15 month old daughter so back we came towards the grandparents (free day care helps ease the pain of leaving SoCal). Anyone in central/eastern MA wanna try to get together for Game 6? I'll probably be banished from the house because of all the yelling and screaming that went on late last night. Joe
  3. RWN: New England - opening of a new chapter?

    Crap. I live in Worcester area now but will be in Montreal for Game 4.
  4. Since this one stings even more I have to go with Lilja. He was just plain awful out there all series long and his lumbering lack of skill directly led to 2 of the 4 goals in game 6. Close runner up is BabCock for leaving Lilja out there during the 3rd period even though he looked like a fish out of water. Double shifting the senior citizen Chelios would have led to better D than having a fresh Lilja out there. Just plain pathetic. joe
  5. Red Wings vs. Ducks

    The last 85 miles almost went as quick as the first 1/4 mile out of the lot. Nice to meet y'all, hopefully the seeds will align with the stars and we'll get a few playoff games in LA or Anaheim this year. joe
  6. Red Wings vs. Ducks

    Andyinsdca, myself and my wife should be there by 4:30 or so as long as 5 North isn't too nuts. First round of ginger ales will be finished by 4:35. See y'all there. joe
  7. Red Wings vs. Ducks

    Should be a good one. Hopefully the Fab 5 will make it back on time from Sweden to get some rest and get into the game. 'sposed to fly directly into Anaheim apparently. I'm predicting a Wing win, 5 (golds) to 1 (gold). joe
  8. Red Wings vs. Ducks

    We'll most likely be there late afternoon to try and avoid the I-5 cattle drive, let us know what name you reserve the table under in case no one is there when we arrive. joe
  9. San Diego RW get-together?!?

    Callahans in Mira Mesa or Players in Clairemont Mesa will usually turn games on if asked. I've been in the Hungry Stick in Clairemont Mesa before and they've had OLN games on, don't know about Center Ice package. I'm in MM within stumbling distance of Callahans and there's another guy down the road with big Wings and UM flags out front of his place, don't know if he's on the board though. joe
  10. Red Wings vs. Ducks

    The wife and I will be there in the nosebleeds. Section 442 represent!
  11. Hudler or Ricci

    Maybe if he got rid of the Mermet he'd look a little more human-like. I can't find a good pic of him with it but he was sporting it big time in the game against NJ.
  12. Hudler or Ricci

    I gotta go with Hudler. Somebody whomped the ugly right into him early on in life. That Ricci-like half merm half mullet (mermet?) surely doesn't help. He's a whole lotta ugly.
  13. Heading up there from San Diego with the wife. Post up if you're gonna be at the game. Staples Center for Kings games is a good place to heckle celebrities because the Kings suck (or used to at least).