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  1. I'll be generously and give a C+. He got good value for Smith and Jurco. Ott was a fair trade. However, our most tradeable asset was given away for a conditional 3rd and D who had cleared waviers earlier this year. I'm hoping McIlrath can improve to become an ok D but that's unlikely at this point. My bigger problem is Holland, apparently, doesn't see the state of the team. The guys he parted with were spare parts who were unlikely to be a part of the long range plans of the team. The team needs a shake up, they need an influx of talent like we haven't needed since the 80s. The only way to accomplish that is to give up assets that they had big plans for (Tatar, Nyquist, Abdelkader, Helm, Mrazek, etc) in exchange for a prospect an a high pick or a couple of high picks. Holland seems unwilling to do that because he thinks the roster is capable of competing in the near future. I don't see it. We lack the depth of quality forwards and D-men to be among the elites. At best we could be looking at making the playoffs and a 1st round exit. Maybe those trades where we give up a quality asset are coming this summer but Holland has shown a reluctance to give up those assets in exchange for prospects as he prefers veteran forwards who are on the wrong side of 30. It's time for a complete rebuild but Holland's actions doesn't show he recognizes that.
  2. Mental note: I'll pay no attention to that twitter account that claimed the asking price for Vanek was 2 1st round picks.
  3. I held out some hope that the McIlrath acquisition was a prelude to another deal but it appears that is not the case. If McIlrath can somehow become a 2nd pair D, then I view this as a good trade. If, otoh, he's a 3rd pair tough guy, then this wasn't enough for the Vanek asset.
  4. Dylan McIlrath 6'5" Right shot D. Former 10th overall pick.
  5. Elliot Friedman said a 3rd round pick. Uh, if that's all we got why make the deal 3 hours before the deadline?
  6. It goes by the name of "Salary Floor"
  7. Moving Vanek is a must, but I'd also love for Holland to also move Abdelkader and Helm. Then, somehow get rid of Howard's and/or Ericsson's contracts (it would be too much to hope for to move both) in the off season. We would then finally be in a position to actually rebuild instead patching a lineup together.
  8. There's negligence and there's reckless disregard. Playing Vanek is the latter. Why take the needless risk?
  9. hmmm
  10. Very happy with this.
  11. Why sell Sheahan now? Sell low, buy high?
  12. Posturing to try to increase the value of assets by making it appear as if they are unwilling to part with that. I doubt it does much.
  13. Sell Smith for whatever we can get for him. He hasn't developed like many expected him to based on how he produced at Wisconsin and GR. Early in his NHL career he was a real liability in the defensive realm. He's improved in that regard as he's cut down on the turnovers and inopportune chance taking that too often left him out of position. However, he still doesn't produce as much as hoped on the offensive end. Maybe that will come in the next season or two (or maybe not) but given that he is an UFA at season's end there is no guarantee he'll sign with Detroit, especially if another team can offer him immediate team success and/or a bigger offensive role. The Wings are rebuilding and we don't have the leverage we once had in dealing with FA whether they were our own or other team's. Lets get what we can for him.
  14. RIP Mr I. The city of Detroit benefited from his tireless efforts. Thank you for the 4 Stanley Cups I got to witness first hand. He will be missed.