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  1. One missed icing call from game seven overtime; I feel bad for the players who might hang it up after this game : (
  2. LOL that made me smile; thanks. I have threatened the wife that if they Wings choke on Friday (knocking on wood) that maybe I should keep the beard until they win again; she threatened to divorce me!
  3. Uninspired effort by all except Osgood. Let's hope he berates them in the locker room and they back him up on Friday night. I hate the fact that the Pens have a chance to win now, but am cautiously optimistic that we will respond accordingly at home. Wings in 7!
  4. Thanks, I got a good chuckle out of that! Believe it or not, although missing the playoffs this year will reduce the ignorant masses that attend games down here in Dallas, there are still enough transplants from Canada and the Northeast down here that cling blindly to the home team. Thirty minutes to go! Nerves are already overwhelming the wife and 9-month old wearing her Red Wings PJs.....
  5. Let's go Wings! Give me more ammunition to deal with the ill-informed Stars fans down here in Tejas!