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  1. Fixing this mess....

  2. Datsyuk's on the ice for today's practice

    We should get a crew together to pregame. My brother and I will be there sporting the winged wheel too. Red Wings on Paddy's Day? Ooooh yeah...might need some riot punch!
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, your newest Detroit Red Wing: http://puckthemedia.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/n501449259_677405_2022.jpg Please at least smack Patrick Kane's jerkoff face with that gut once or twice.
  4. Jimmy Howard watch thread

    I like Jimmy Howard. A lot. He seems like a solid guy. But "Three-goal Jimmy" has been showing up far too often, and in the games that give you a peak at what the playoffs would look like (past two Chicago game, San Jose this week). Look, I have eyes. I've watched every single regular season game this year, and I know that this defense has not performed to it's capability (looking at you, McCrimmon). But there's too much frustration there, not enough focus. Too much defeatism and not enough determination. Tell me you guys don't see it, too. I know he's young-ish. And he may, probably will, get better. I just don't see the fire OR the calm...I just see a guy who looks to be in disbelief when he gives up a goal, and you can't be that if you're going anywhere in the playoffs. So this will be it for Jimmy Howard, I'm betting. One last chance to find it. We're not able to get a name goalie with our cap situation (despite a strange, confidence-crushing attempt at Evgeni Nabokov), so it's all up to you, Jimmy. Unless you want to shock us one last time, Mr. Osgood.
  5. Eklund: Boss of the NHL Rumor Mill!

    Yeah, I love Lyle's site and check it everyday. I used to write for him, even. But what makes his site great is what makes it "boring" to the casual (non) fan--he shoots down the bulls***. Even when assheads like Bruce Garrioch are spewing garbage about Spezza and Alfredsson being on the market, Lyle calls it out. I will say he's been a bit too conservative lately, though, shooting down moves like the Kovalev deal, which actually went down. And then there's Eklund. Pure tabloid hockey. But as long as there are lonely, pathetic losers buying US Weekly and living precariously through the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there will be a demand for such tripe.
  6. Brett Lebda signs with Toronto

    http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=29250&blogger_id=1 This is why I hate Eklund. You couldn't possibly say something that's more out of touch. Not even close. And I can read sub-text...this guy isn't saying this stuff just to be provocative and gain readership--he believes the nonsense he's typing. I'm all for tabloid hockey entertainment, but I can't stand the trying to take an "expert" stance and completely missing the mark, especially when I know there are some dumb-dumbs out there who buy it wholesale. Brett LEBDA!?!?!?! Yeah, I'm crying today because we lost a guy who does the same freakin' move every time--skate up blue-line, fake towards center, move up along boards into offensive zone, realize the defense is covering the pass because it only EVER worked in NHL '94, and shoot 10 feet wide, hitting the Belle Tire sign at the Joe.
  7. Wings fan in Chicago

    Actually, I'd prefer it to NOT be a bar (save some moolah), but I'm not sure if I trust a stream. We have a Mac at home. Any suggestions for a good, free stream? Or even a pay one? Thanks.
  8. Wings fan in Chicago

    Cool, I'll check out the Avenue Tavern. Thanks! P.S. Everyone, it's hilario how scared the Chicago media and fans are of meeting the Wings in the playoffs.
  9. Wings fan in Chicago

    Hey, guys. Anyone know of a place in Chicago that has a TSN feed for Game #4? There is NO WAY I'm missing a playoff game (haven't missed ONE since 1991). I know that the Tin Lizzie is a Red Wings bar, but is that my only option? Are they even going to have a Fox Sports Detroit feed (I've only been there for NBC broadcasts). Thanks, and GO WINGS!!!
  10. 3rd Jersey?

    Dude, you own a Jamie Rivers jersey?!
  11. This report has been brought to you by: http://thehurricanewatch.files.wordpress.c...wedishchef2.jpg A-hrndddy-hrnnndddy-hrnddddy!!!
  12. Anyone else dying with excitment?

    I'm more excited as s*** than f***.
  13. Draper? Chuck Norris?

    I would just like to thank Claude Lemieux. Without that hit back in '96 and Draper's facial reconstruction, who knows if that first puck would have gone in the net? HA!!!
  14. Lucky bounces, no respect

    http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/recap?gameId=280412005 Just listen to those first few graphs....ridicul-o.
  15. Ready, steady, GO!

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=aaVtjGfpmlo Let's go WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!