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  1. rivieraillusions

  2. Has Chelios lost it? Now he wants Paul Kelly back.

    It was not an issue of salaries. Supposedly they caught him reading meeting minutes of a meeting between the advisory board and the players during which Ian Penny's contract was extended. This action broke the laws of the PA, which is why Kelly was reading the minutes. Additionally, Chelios was at the meeting in Chicago and was one of several reps who wanted to delay the vote so they could have time to think about what they were doing. He was also one of 4 or 5 player reps who voted against firing Kelly.
  3. WCSF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 2

    Whatever you want to call it is up to you, but everyone else calls it GUTLESS. If you want to swing and don't even have the sack to remove your lid, you're a gutless turd.
  4. WCSF GAME 6 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 2

    Yeah, and they all go after the small guys. Perry after Rafalski and Niedavacation after Datsyuk. Gutless turds, all of them. If Ericsson would have been on the ice, Perry would have drowned in a puddle of his own vaginal piss lest he get rag-dolled like he did in Game 1.
  5. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    Look, I agree about the 5 minutes. I'm not looking for a suspension. But to say "don't admire your pass" is laying the blame here on Hudler when Brown clearly committed the infraction - THUS THE 5 MINUTES.
  6. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    WTF, I thought you were leaving. Waiting around to see how people will react to your ridiculous arguments?
  7. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    +1 - There's no homerism in calling a dirty hit like it is. If that's truly a shoulder to the head, I wouldn't be yappin'. Yeah dude, we're all wrong, and you're right. If there's anything wrong with people in this country, it's their inability to admit when they're wrong. Lame.
  8. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    LOL, yeah. That's exactly what happened.
  9. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    What ******* game were you watching?
  10. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    He should have kept his arms/elbows down at the minimum. If he checks Hudler by just going shoulder to shoulder, I don't think you'd be hearing any of this crap right now. Hudler would have still been blasted. The dude brought his elbows up to the head. Why is that so ******* hard for some people to understand.
  11. Did anyone just hear the comment on VS about the Wings win?

    Here's the thing: if that sixth man on doesn't play that puck, it's at least an odd-man rush, if not a breakaway. That's why it had to be called.
  12. 3/12 GDT: Flames 6 at Red Wings 5 (SO)

    Hilarious. The resemblance is uncanny. Hey Neil, where's Steve?
  13. Westward, ho!

    I'll second that. One of the reasons why I finally agreed to move to Phoenix from Austin was the chance to see the Wings twice a year without having to drive to Dallas. Besides, it warms my cockles to hear "Let's Go Red Wings" echoing through the concourse of Jobing.com Arena!
  14. 2009 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    I don't think that's correct. From what I understand, you can't make a move that puts you over the cap irregardless of whether or not you make a move later.
  15. 2009 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    But none of them are anything like what Drake did last year in the playoffs. The man was frickin' possessed. We need that again.