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  1. Kopecky

    Missed him at the outdoor game... someone had to sit though. Is Peter Kopecky (Slovakia jrs. team) a relative? I play with one of Kopes game used S17 composites, what an awesome curve!! Go Wings Go!
  2. Goal Judges

    WHAT? One of the greatest moments in all of sport is the flashing red light. How many players have "lit the lamp" or "lit it up", references to that sacred light signifying a goal. I fully understand the move from a technical perspective (video reviews, camera angles, etc) , but I am a traditionalist, and really hope the lamp lighting stays. Think of that guy at the games who wears his own red lamp on his head. What will he do? What can we teach to the kids; streak down the wing and "make the video replay goal judge sure he sees the twine bulge"? It seems so much better to just tell 'em to rip it top shelf and "light the lamp". I'll be bummed if they do away with the goal light. my idle ramblings...