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  1. One more thing...I have no problems with Minny signing both players for the amount of money they did. However, hockey is a TEAM sport. You cannot win the Cup with two players and you cannot win the Cup when you are so severely cash strapped. What if a couple players go down with injuries mid-season and Minny is fighting for their playoff lives? There is no way they are going to be able to go out and pick up any talent at the deadline...but, "Hey, we got Parise and Suter!" The one thing I have to say about Kenny is that as much as we ALL love to bust his stones, he is a smart yet cautious (maybe sometimes too cautious) GM who thinks many moves ahead and isn't one to go after the big name for the sake of having the name on his team. Oh, and did NOONE get my joke on the original post?? Sheesh, tough crowd!
  2. Exactly. If you have it to spend, you'll spend it. So what was to stop the other organizations from blowing a S-ton of money to get the top players in the pre-cap era??? I'm not sure I am understanding your statement.
  3. I think that with Parise and Suter being the 2 biggest "names" out there, the teams with money to burn had a "use it or lose it" mentality. It sets a precedence of extremely long contact lengths with the astronomical salaries. There will be a point in 5-6 years that over half of the players in the NHL will have these over-inflated salaries and everyone will be "off limits" (i.e. Cindy) to hit. As far as performance based salaries go, I don't ever think that will happen. I mean, Justin Schultz hasn't logged a second in the NHL and his cap hit is $3.7 mil!!! By the way, I got a call from Kenny last night. He said they were disappointed that they couldn't get Nash either, but that he wished him luck as a Laker.
  4. After the dust settled yesterday, I got to thinking. Here are two very good players (not superstars, mind you) with enormous contacts. It seems the salary cap increases every year, which gives teams more and more money to dump into inflated contracts. In the future, will so-so players be making undeserved millions? In the near future, I can see a strong push by owners to eliminate hitting in the game because of their major investments. In turn, every "back in my day" sportscaster will say the game has gotten soft and the penalties are unwarranted. This will make for an even larger demand for skilled finesse Europeans into the league. Just some thoughts. I would like to hear some of your opinions.
  5. Parise and Suter shipped off to Minnesota...never to be heard of again. Welcome to oblivion, boys!
  6. No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

    "His heart is in Pittsburgh" OK THEN TAKE YOUR SORRY OLD ASS TO PITTSBURGH!
  7. michael keaton is dead to me!

    We also have Dax Shepard (Lets Go To Prison was hilarious).
  8. WCSF Game 4 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 7

    I knew shaving my beard off last night was the right move! Avoiding the sweep!
  9. .BELIEVE / Have faith, etc.

    I Believe!
  10. He really didn't say that, did he?

    Sensitivity Rules!
  11. Itan Chavira

    Yes, the kid has skills, but it's a completely different game. I'd like to see him do those same moves on ice with regulation equipment on...wouldn't happen.
  12. Hudler re-signed?

    So he goes and plays in the KHL for 1 or 2 years where the level of competition is sub-NHL and comes back to the Wings a worse player. Great!
  13. Red Wings game on NHL Network right now

    Stuart pinching up on that second Nashville goal gave me flashbacks.
  14. Jason Williams Offered 1 Year Contract

    Do WHAT now??
  15. Who do we target now?

    Yzerman, Hull, and Robitaille