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  1. wingsnut25

  2. Are hockey hits harder than football hits?

    As others have stated there is not a black in white answer. I think the hardest of hockey hits are probably harder then the hardest of football hits, but really hard football hits occur much more frequently then really hard hockey hits. With hits in general in football occurring more often, overall I would say football hits are harder.
  3. Is Holmstrom a Hall of Famer?

    While the answer is No, he is the absolute best at what he does, and has been the best for most of his career in the N.H.L. But we don't see anyone getting in because they were the best fighter, or for being the fastest skater year after year.
  4. NHL testing new rules and rink modifications

    This is my understanding of hybrid icing: If the team is clearly going to get the puck, and the other team has no chance at it, the play stops and icing is called. But if two players are in a race for the puck, you let that play out. I would be in favor of this rule. Seconds are not ticking off the clock for one person to go and get the puck, but it still allows the battles for the puck that I think is a big part of hockey. Also, for the delayed penalty. The article does not really describe what they are looking at, but hopefully it is something along these lines. If you score a goal while the other team has a delayed penalty, you still get your power play. This could be a simple way to slightly increase scoring, without making major changes.
  5. I read an article a while back, I believe it was about Jimmy D but it may have been about Holland (its not really important which one it was), and he said he looked at the most successful teams in the league, and it started with a solid defensemen who could play the puck, and from then on he looked for defense men who could start the charge up the ice. So it would make perfect since to have the 4th highest defense spending. Especially when we still have arguably the best defense men in the league, and at least a second one that is in the top 10.
  6. Miller and Eaves likely to file for arbitration?

    As stated above, I would not be surprised if both were signed before they reach arbitration hearings. It is in the players best interest to file for arbitration even if they plan on being signing before the hearing, just in case things don't work out.
  7. NHL Rule Change Thoughts while following Olympics

    One of the leagues I played in had a form of no touch icing: if the offending team had a chance at getting the puck they would not automatically rule it icing, but if it was clear that the puck would be obtained by the non-offending team, they would rule it icing. I really liked it that way, but no league I have played on since then had it that way.
  8. Hockey coverage in Iraq

    first: thank you guys for your service to our country... secondly: if you have internet access see if you can get sopcast to work, its a free download, and there are a lot of websites that carry the games over it try
  9. New News on Lilja

    Im pretty sure I read in a previous article that Lilja said he couldn't fight anymore, he cant risk any more concusions
  10. if he went undrafted couldn't some team sign him?
  11. Mike Grier's agent says he's 'interested' in Red Wings

    as for Grier i'm torn. but leaning towards no. I think the redwings do need some kind of an enforcer, but if he is not good enough to get descent playing time what is the point? I
  12. Jimmy Devellano on Fan 590

    In the interview Devellano mentions that Chelios retired, did I miss something? I knew the wings parted ways with him, but I thought he was looking to play on an eastern conference team. Did Devellano misspeak or did Chelios actually retire?
  13. Samuelsson Selling His House?

    Kind of like Robert Lang? He was another player that we loved to hate, until he had a big goal, and then we went back to hating him... Didnt Sammy replace Lang on the point for powerplays?
  14. Internet feed

    I emailed versus and kindly reminded them that the Upper Penisulla is part of Michigan and we would like to see the Redwings feed. Hopefully if there are any more Versus exclusive games we will get to see it...
  15. Internet feed

    wtf I live in Michigan, and Im not getting the wings feed!!!!