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  2. 17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    I never said or implied it was equivalent! I was using that fight as an example of how people are being hypocrites on here. Both where reckless and crossed the line. But since Draper was injured it was accepted that after Mac sucker punched him, dazed him, fell on the ice and kept raining blows and some knees to the face. No One is calling for McCarty to serve jail time, knees to the face aren't part of the game. Please tell me other than a broken nose & concussion the damage that was done to young man? O btw he's 17 almost an adult. Like someone else said you don't do that and expect nothing will happen to you. Yes it crossed the line but charges wow. The linesmen are partly to blame for watching and not stopping that young man from raining blows down on the other as he was stunned from a crosscheck to the head. You could say his teammates could have helped him but no #3 and #5 didn't stop it. How about what Bert did that crossed the line. Why wasn't he charged? What Bert did was far worse than this! I could go on and on about incidents that happened and not charged with a crime. The real issue is how does one combat this so its not an issue?
  3. 17yr old hockey player charged for on-ice assault.

    I've read through the comments and looking back some of you are hypocrites, See this link.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aINYQ4zYNzI I remember some of you happy for the beating McCarty put on Lemieux. Punching him while he was turtled up on the ice and the knees to the face while on the boards."O but that was different" shut it down it's called pay back you don't spray! How was that "ok" but this was not acceptable.? Here's a youtube quote 0U8123MTA3 1 week ago "If one sprays a goalie in Canada, the helmet of that one is pulled off and sprayed with fists." The other player was not seriously injured so get over if these guys got over it so should you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paXJfrjFE9k
  4. 2013 Round 2 Photoshop War: Chicago Blackhawks

    The MK symboles are under the wrong name. Thoes count as wins.
  5. Cincinnati Cyclones

    Nice to see the Clones win it. O do I remember when they used to play at Cincinnati Gardens I would go to games all the time when they where playing there. O well stuck here in TX.
  6. History Will Be Made Justin Abdelkader

    LMAO at the end. Great clip! Cheers!
  7. Who is the NHL's best General Manager? Its on nhl.com Kenny boy is leading it.
  8. How are the Fans in Columbus?

    My mother bought them for me. 120 each I think she was pissed when the tickets read 83 on them lol
  9. Osgood & Maltby out with Flu

    I don't think Osgood has the FLU. I was at the Wings game last night and he was talking to the trainer during warm-ups about his groin kept pointing at it and shaking his head.
  10. How are the Fans in Columbus?

    LOL yep that's me! Yep! There where these 2 chicks behind us and next to that guy on my left you right, his friend was a Wings fan as well. It was a great night we kept high fiving each other after every goal except the 9th cause well what was the point. Ralfy was the only player to bump my hand. Osgood was talking to the trainer about I believe a left groin problem kept talking to the trainer about it. He was really nice to this kid the kid asked for an autograph but he said I dont have a pen on me. I'm pissed I didn't bring my uniform up there and a marker. I'm going to try and get tickets to the 2 Wings games in Dallas and get the same seats in there arena thanks guys the game was a blast. O the Blue jacket fans where great I guess since you pay that much for a ticket your not going to miss with people. WE kept joking back and forth the where really nice.. Never knew the game of hockey was that fast until up that close. edit: forgot to spell check lol
  11. For as bad as the Wings have been...

    Wings_Dynasty what SQDN are you in?
  12. How are the Fans in Columbus?

    tnks for the responce guys.
  13. How are the Fans in Columbus?

    Hey guys I'm home on leave and tonight I'm going to the Wings game tonight in CBJ and was wondering how the fans are there. I'll be sitting right behind the Wings bench front row. I'll be wearing my white Yzerman jersey and and brother is wearing a black Wings jersey. Maybe I should have brought my ACU'S....
  14. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6, at Blackhawks 1

    Yeah a 9pm game time. I really miss being back in the states. Go Wings 5-3 Wings
  15. The onion tackels new NHL rules