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  2. Maltby back for one more year?

    I agree with you as long as the person that is up and coming can play the role of the person on the way out. There is no reason to let a 4th liner go who will make peanuts to bring in a player who doesn't fill the role. It is better to trade that player to fill a need then try to make them into something that they are not. I'm not necessarily talking about the specific situation you listed, just a generalization.
  3. Wings To Make Another Move This Week?

    With Howard's play, does that mean that Holland can sweeten a deal with a prospect goalie? McCollum, Lebda, 2nd and 5th for......... That still leaves Larsson and Pearce in the system with a draft coming up in June.
  4. The all-time all-NHL team

    Broduer and Roy proved that they could win it all, multiple times, in their prime. I would give the edge to Brodeur because of puck handling skills. When it comes down to something like that, it means you can't miss with either. Now I'm going to go throw up for being so neutral and not bad mouthing Roy!!!
  5. The all-time all-NHL team

    I can't believe that Brodeur isn't getting much mention here. 587 Wins 108 Shut Outs .914 Save % 2.21GAA I am as biased towards Sawchuck as any Red Wings fan should be, but Martin is great.
  6. Patrice Cormier with shocking hit on Mikael Tam

    There is nothing in the world of hockey that could justify that kind of play. From what I undersatand he has a history. It makes you wonder what the coach knew he was capable of? I think he should be part of the investigation. As for the criminal charges debate,if that would have killed Tam, do any of you not think that he would have been charged with manslaughter or murder? Then the same act must draw an assault with intent to do bodily harm less than murder charge.
  7. Darcy Tucker taken off ice on backboard

    Swing and a miss on my part!
  8. Darcy Tucker taken off ice on backboard

    So it is a players responsibility to make sure that someone doesn't purposely take a run at him from behind. It's not like he was skating with his head down through the neutral zone. Ruutu didn't just run into him. He cocked his shoulders back and drove them into the middle of Tuckers numbers. Was it an intent to injure, probably not, I can't read his mind and his body language didn't show it, but there should be a suspension for ALL hits of that nature!
  9. Bertuzzi = Lang?

    He had some chances near the net last night that didn't work out, he was very good in the defensive zone. He hustled on the back check and made some very good defensive plays. I thought he looked good.
  10. 2009-10 Prediction Thread

    Some people on this site go crazy and start calling for the entire front office and coaching staff to quit after a three game losing streak.
  11. trade

    If Lilja is healthy, trade him. He has the most trade value of any of our defensemen that we would be willing to move, plus he moves the most money of any defenseman that we would be willing to trade. If he isn't healty, he will be on LTIR and not count against the cap so it isn't a worry. Lebda and Meech make peanuts. Hell, Meech's cap hit is less than the league minimum. He is the best for someone to sit the pine in that sense.
  12. Sabres sign Grier

    Sorry bud, I have to rule against you on this one.
  13. The FINAL ROSTER is SET...lines?

    With Lilja still having issues, it isn't a stretch that he might be on LTIR for a long time. If that is the case, that leaves over $1M is cap space. There is no guarantee that the roster is set. Especially since you stated that 13th Fwd is TBA. That equals not set!!
  14. Ken Holland about next years roster and williams

    How dare you not overreact and act like a jerkoff!! Where do you get off using logic and thought? Unless you are just miserable and disagree with everything that the Wings do, why would you want to be part of this forum?
  15. Baisaille SHOULD be an NHL owner

    The NHL is in the business of selling hockey. Not just to fans, but to sponsors. They are also not in the business of giving a team to an owner who is going to move that team to a location that will put another team into harder financial times. (Buffalo) Not to mention make things difficult for an original six team (Toronto) when it comes to sponsors and TV. There are only so many channels to broadcast Leafs, Sabres and what would be the Hamilton team. There is a reason why he was UNANIMOUSLY rejected as an owner. Beat the other teams on the ice, not in the wallet.