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  1. Grigorenko weighed in officially at 220 lbs, and Ansar Khan joined the growing list of reporters slagging him. Grigorenko is probably carrying around 20+ pounds of pure fat. Very disappointing
  2. Lang in 2004. And Schneider in 2006. Both of those guys showed up big. Lebda was great against the Oilers. Maltby and Frazen chipped in more than their fair share of goals. Shanahan is NOT worth $4 million a season. He hasn't played like a power forward since his back trouble started in the late 90's and he has a history of not showing up in the playoffs. I would love nothing more than for him to sign with LA or Boston for 4-5m a year.
  3. Eklund's hockey rumor site is the only source at the momeny. There's nothing from a reliable source, yet anyway.
  4. When did you think that? When he washed out in Nashville? How does this make up for the loss of Hatcher? This signing, if true is a joke. He's an AHL player that on his best day can get 5-6 minutes at the NHL level. Don't we have enough puck moving defensemen? Who's going to make opposing forwards pay the pricein the defensive zone? Who's going to keep opposing forwards honest. Fischer. If he doesn't turn into a punisher then he's a bust. It's that simple really.
  5. This rumor is a complete joke. Eklund has sunk to a new low in my opinion.